I'm new to Borderlands (Tales) and what Borderlands should I move to next?

Hello Gearbox form users, I just wanted to know now that I’m on episode 3 of Tales from the Borderlands (And I’m ADDICTED :slight_smile: ) That when I get done with this title what Borderlands should I move on to next? The Prequel? I’m confused because Tales is supposed to be after Borderlands 2 (I’ve heard) So, I just wanted to ask you people because I know forum users are the best people to ask. And I know absolutely nothing about Borderlands so please NO spoilers.

I am a serious Mass Effect fan and Tales from the Borderlands is (somewhat) like ME minus the humor in Tales I hope the rest of Borderlands will be this good because I love Tales from the Borderlands… and Fiona is the my new favorite character (besides Femshep lol :slight_smile: )

Hey, big Mass Effect fan here as well,

Well, logically, Borderlands 1 should be your starting point, as it will get you familiar with some more characters and references that will be made later on. However, I never really liked how the game plays, so try it out, but if it’s not for you, you can easily just move on to Borderlands 2, which is one of my favorite games of all time.

Prequel should come after that as you can see Jack build to who he is in BL2, and will give you more of an appreciation for him as a character

BTW, what was your fav ME game? :smile:

Let’s not get derailed here, I like all ME games. Now, back to my main question…

Since you’re on Tales, I’d advise BL2 first. It’d probably shed light on a lot of things about the universe you might be confused on, but it’ll really get you introduced to Jack in a big way. It’s a solid game, tons of fun with friends.

While BL1 is my favorite, it doesn’t add a whole bunch to the story, and since you’re starting off the series with Tales, I’m guessing you’re big into story driven stuff.

TPS has some time overlap with Tales, will play similarly to BL2, and I’d say has the best story of the main series. You’ll get the most effect out of the story if you play BL2 before this.

If you’re expecting lots of character driven interactions from the rest of the BL games a la ME, the RPG elements are gear focused. (Oh, BL1s 3rd DLC is amazing, if you get BL1 you have to get it! Same goes for DLC4 for BL2, it’s amazing.)