I'm new to Zero and have some questions

What would be a good build that would works well with the Pimpernel and Twister?

What “Special Projectiles” do not work with Bore?

Do shots that Bore receive Amp Dammage?

I know next to nothing about Zero so any suggestions/tips are welcome and appreciated

Pimpernel and twister can be used basically whenever, but bore will make them extremely good.

I believe the only projectiles that don’t work with bore are rockets and spikers, but I haven’t tested any other weapons.

Bore shots can recieve amp damage from an amp shield.

If you have any more questions, let me know.

Check out MoLMF’s Zero builds on Youtube- Zero is his favorite character and the Pimpernel one of his favorite weapons so… Also, he did a ‘Does it B0re?’ and ‘Does if suck?’ series with various weapons, so you might find an answer there…


Bore works with nearly every gun
The Pimp and Twister work with nearly every builds
Yes, Bore shots get amp damage

Start by going over the skill guide:

Look up Coontail’s “Thievus Racoonus” (I think that is how it was spelled). Basically designed around the twister, pimp, and legendary hunter.

EDIT: Never mind, link was found post 7.

That is all I can find of it. Maybe he could explain if he’s still active. @CoonTail


Looks promising I’ll have to give it a try

Not quite.

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MoLMF doesn’t do the “does it bore?” Series… its Gothallion if I can recall


I’m guessing Logan’s Gun is one of the exceptions, hence the use of the word “nearly”.

I think you are right. I haven’t tried it, but it seems like one of those exceptions.

Logan’s gun already bores through enemies naturally, so it’s a weird example if you ask me :smile:

For me it phases through them doing nothing!
I have to shoot their toes to do anything, even then it does less damage than if I tickled them!

that’s what he means.

Anything that’s pure splash won’t proc Bore, Chain reaction, or Nth degree. Refer to this thread

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You are correct- thanks for catching that…:+1:

No prob. I wasn’t 100% at the time XD

Yeah, like I said, weird example.
Depends on what you mean by bore

What bore does is make bullets go through targets and keep on traveling
Precisely what the Logan’s gun does.
Sure it doesn’t do its full damage there and it only works when it hits a surface, ence why I said that it’s a weird example.

Should I take Velocity or would that negatively effect the Twister/Pimp I plan to use?

It negatively affect both, don’t touch it.

Rule of thumbs: never spec into velocity unless you specifically use a gun with slow bullets.

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Looks like I got beat to the punch in linking my build, but I am still available to answer questions.

In my absence MOLMF is always an amazing source of knowledge and has some outstanding builds demonstrated on his YT account.

Just make sure to tag me if you have any questions guys because I get email notifcations which are honestly one of the few things that bring back around these parts nowadays.

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