I'm no prude but

Of course, duh…:sunglasses: Sadly this was my first time Chaos rumble, so open worldchat-thingy…
(Can I mute that too, like all at once without muting the othersounds? Or would I have to mute every player single too? o.O)

Ahhhhh I´m confused now!!! My german version is rated for ages 12+, for PS4 (US market) it´s appearently 16+, for XB1 (Austria) the gamecase says 6+, and I found another rated 13+ … mental overload…

There must be a way to like-bomb things… one like is not enough!


One must wonder why, out of all that profanity, the MOST offensive words did not get censored. Gearbox needs to take better steps to keep this community safe!

“y’all”? :grin:

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I was trying to work out the most offensive words from Benedict!

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Oh! "Barbar-

Oh… I see what you’re trying to do! Clever! The 'ol “get me to say it so i get banned” trick, eh?


It’s a trap! :stuck_out_tongue:

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