Im not a maths guy so anyone mind helping me out?

what happens if i get upwards of 100% damage reduction?
the most ive managed to get is 111%, but with a breaker class mod and the 18% damage redcution line on an artifact, it would be possible to get up to 158% when getting the full benefits of the breaker class mod.

Am i invulnerable to damage at 100%? does damage reduction have diminishing returns? thanks

It likely has diminishing returns.

Damage taken = damage / (1+damage reduction)
So if you have 111% dmg reduction, and enemy dmg is 1000, you suffer 1000/(1+1,11)=474 damage.
Also damage reduction isn’t the same as damage resistance.

How you got total 158%?

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30% terror anointment on a rough rider=53%
40% from amara skill forgot name
18% on my phasezerk class mode

thats my 111%
you could have another 18% on artifact and 29% on breaker class mod

I missed the terror. Well I think if all of it would be active at max numbers you could get 60% less damage. Also the final calculation is more complex if you want to include elemental damage and other types.

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yeah i understand it now tho. thanks, and that rough rider is very powerfull

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and also, with the elemental resist skill and fire element being our only weakness, we could get pretty tanky, same with the splash damage reduction. since if i understand this correctly, these would work multiplicatively with the 111% damage reduction? basicly the 1000 will do 600 if its splash, and then the 600 will do around 270 with the 111% damage reduction

Don’t mix up the different mitigations. Damage Reduction is different from Damage Resistance. Reduction is calculated as outlined by @GrzesPL while resistance is linear. With 100% resistance, you become immune to a damage type.
Helping Hands and One With Nature are both reduction modifiers. Arms Deal should be reduction as well but I haven’t made any tests to confirm it. However, on shields and artifacts for example you’ll find resistances.