Im not big on bandit/scav but


You gotta admit for those people who appreciate perfect parts this is pretty dang decent for a bandit/scav!

Perfect parts bandit weapons, especially like that AR you have, are pretty effective weapons. Not too tier, but very nice performance with the stability prefix.


Not quite perfect parts, I’m afraid. Bandit barrel, body and grip, but a Dahl stock and a Jakobs sight.

Very nice find though!

Dahl stock is best stock.


Sorry not perfect but my ideal parts love that dahl stock and 5x sight and the foregrip accessory that increases weapon stability then the rest are manufactureres parts

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Yes sir!!!

Yeah, understandable. My all-time favourite (non legendary) is a Bandit MG with a Jakobs barrel, Dahl sight, Bandit stock and Dahl grip, with a mag size prefix.

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There’s a difference between a Pure weapon and a Perfect weapon, and it’s important to know which is which in the Loot and Weapons Chat forum. The weapon you describe would be a Pure weapon, but it would not be Perfect. A Perfect weapon is the combination of parts that produce the best overall performance for the weapon. The Dahl stock provides the best Stability of the lot, so Perfect weapons will use a Dahl stock whenever possible.

Another badass scav AR!

It’s weird I hated sacv/bandit items but overtime I really don’t have a particular style that I hate, if there is any style I hate it would be tediore and that’s essentially because of my habit of frequent reloads not that the weapon style itself is bad.

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