I'm not getting the weapons I redeemed

I have redeemed a gun on the Shift/ Insiders thing but when I go into the game I can’t find where to claim it, I’ve tried linking my Xbox account but I get logged out instead. Is there anything i can do?

Did you have your XBox account linked before redeeming the item?

No I didn’t, I couldn’t link my Xbox account and still can’t

Weapon rewards like that are automatically placed into the inventory of the first character you play as after redeeming the reward, and the weapon with be the same level as that character, so if you it at max level be sure to play as your max level character first.

What error message are you getting? Have you tried using both the in-game and website versions of SHIFT? You should be able to check/link from here:


I also have not received some of the weapons i spent my vip points on as well as i havent gotten the legendary maliwan weapon for redeeming 8 vip reward weapons. Is there a way to get these?

You could file a support ticket. Having said that, I’ve seen several posts just this evening stating that players have just received theirs, so it seems like whatever the problem was may have been resolved and the items being awarded retroactively.