I'm now a Master of ghalt!

I mastered ghalt today (his lore was easy as hell) but ranking up was difficult here are my stats with him as of now

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I’m having trouble with first bloods. Because someone always swoops in and snatches it away from me.

Go to captures that’s where I got my first bloods

Congrats! I’m playing him again today, left him for Alani but now that she got crushed…

congrats! keep up the good work :slight_smile:

got 3 left for my lores.

Same here 7/10 … …

EDIT 8 / 10

Go to capture and have one of your friends help you cc chain a target for it

Got mine finished today… Thank effing god

It’s DONE, finally - Master of Ghalt. I made most of the kills while playing incursion on random teams.

I switched to capture. I got 3 pretty fast where the other modes took longer to get one. I easily had 100% chance of getting first kills. Either with an error on my part, assist, or death. The chances went up dramatically with capture. Plus, you don’t have to wait 20 minutes to try again. matches were about 5-7 mins long.

That’s what i did for mine as well

Yes i agree that capture is better but i was more in the mood to play incursion.