Im officially done with Borderlands 3

After multiple weeks of trying to get in touch with 2k support due to my missing bank items, they finally got back to me and told me that there was nothing they can do, and would only be able to give me a couple golden keys. Now mind you, i had my bank full of all level 50 legendary anointed items that i had been farming since day 1 of the games release, i don’t know how they think a couple gold keys is suppose to make up for all the hours put in for those specific items. I gave them a list of all the items that I remembered (which was only about 30 items) which they asked for. I would have settled for those 30 items back since those were the only ones i could remember and they were the ones i was most angry about losing, but no, they said they were only going to give me a couple golden keys​:rage::rage::rage:. And also the nerfs to a PVE game are uncalled for, my favorite character is nerfed to hell(FL4K), and no longer fun to play with, While the others can do some crazy one shotting of enemies. Seems they are more worried about nerfing things than fixing characters and broken parts of the game. Its such a horrible thing to see in a game i was looking forward too. Best of luck to everyone else!


It wouldn’t be fair if they gave you 30 legendaries and another person some keys and they only have your word that you supposedly had those and 20 more supposedly all annointed legendaries.

They give keys because it is the fairest thing they can.


But being upset at losing all your work is perfectly normal. I would probably not want to keep playing if I lost all my work and I was given a handful of keys. Fair yes. Justice not so much


That stinks man

I got my stuff deleted twice. The second time I had some tip tier anointed weapons.

Didnt bother with a ticket. The chest is RNG, the chances of me getting the good anointments or any for that matter would of infuriated me.


Fair would be to replace all the items lost, plain and simple.

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sucks man, I bet someone would be more than willing to drop you gear and guns. Take the keys and just go on the xbox/ps4/pc board and say “i lost my stuff in a crash, anyone willing to help me out”

the community is pretty giving


I’m sorry for you. I feel for you.

You probably don’t have the same outlook as I do, but sometimes starting fresh can be good. Maybe you could try a new vault hunter from scratch, even?

Probably the best thing to do is take a break, or try to forget and not get hung up on what you had and what you lost. There’s no one competing with you to get a top ladder spot or anything like that. It’s just you and the game.

No matter what, though, I understand completely you paid for a product that didn’t deliver what it was supposed to. You could find some way to secure a refund based on product failure; probably easier in EU than US.

Other than that, there’s not much of a solution. It sucks when you want to like a game, but it’s burned you and it’s unfair.

P.S. To add, it’s completely justified to voice your grievances on whatever community forum or rating platform. I encourage it. It should be made very clear to any prospective customer what they’re walking into.

Anecdotally, the incomplete and unsteady release of Borderlands 3 has shattered the good will for the series I’ve fostered since its first entry. I’ll have to look more objectively at the series and this developer - or perhaps the publisher 2K - in the future, as I imagine you will.


…one of my Battleborn accounts is bugged for years now because Gearbox support told me there is nothing they could do.

Have fun refarming

Yea, lost all my items in the bank as well. Im running out of room, and wont put anymore gear in that bank. I just hope they fix it.

And things like this are why I’ve been backing up all my game saves on USB keys for years, and will continue to do so. Modern AAA titles are very complex pieces of software code, and there’s a lot that can go wrong that can corrupt or even completely delete your game saves. I STILL remember the game save deletion glitches on Borderlands 2 that many people suffered from, and that was why I started backing up my game saves, just in case.

So far, in 10 years of playing the Borderlands franchise, I’ve only had to recover my game save from a backed up save once so far, that I recall, but it was due to a game progress breaking glitch that would’ve left me stuck, unable to progress forward, so my caution paid off.

Xbox One players don’t have the option to backup their game saves, but if you’re playing on either PC, or PS4, and you choose not to backup your game saves yourself on a local, external drive, rather than relying solely on cloud saves, then you only have yourself to blame when you lose dozens of hours of progress and dozens of Legendary items with no way to recover most of your hard work. :man_shrugging:

That’s just my opinion, For Whatever It’s Worth. But as always, Your Mileage May Vary.

Just to further argue the point to defend Gearbox’s decision to be fair and only give keys.

Legendary items are actually for sale on Ebay for like £2 a pop so in this case anyone could claim at this point that they lost 50 annointed legendary items due to the bank and then just list them all on Ebay and make what £100?

I am sure that is probably not something that crossed their minds when making the decision but it might have some part in the decision to just blanket response give golden keys to keep it fair.


This is why I said it was fair but not justice nicely illustrated