I'm OP10 big loot drop level issue!

So I hit OP10 last night and no matter who and where u farm for gear it always drops at op8-9. The loot from chest does drop at OP10 but that seems to be the only way to get OP10 gear. I’ve read several other forums on reddit and other communities and I’m not the only one having this issue.

EDIT: a couple hard resets seems have helped, I’m getting more OP10 drops now

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Just checking the obvious, but did you reselect your character and set them to OP10 after unlocking it?

Also IIRC the loot system has always dropped gear that could be anything from 2 levels below to 1 level above (barring the end-game hard caps) the player level. I don’t think that has changed with the extra 2 OP levels.

When you hit max level I swear the game says : remember when it was a 25% chance you’ll get +1, on-level, -1 or -2? Well -1 and -2 are gonna split +1’s 25% chance between them.

+1 if you got that :joy:

By the way, OP10’s are dropping just fine according to the Item Finds thread


Yes I made sure I was at OP 10, I did manage to get a world drop “Bitch” at OP 10 but that’s been the only op10 gear so far that I’ve seen (outside of vendors and chest) and I know that loot drops can be lower level but it seems as though getting a OP10 item is rarer then getting any legendary (especially the sham) from the Bunker.
And again, I checked other forums from other sites and I found people with the same issue.
Thank you for the replies!

Same issue as any other max level? Because it was an issue when the cap was 50, when it was 61, when it was 72 and when it was OP8.

So are the people who are claiming this new to the game or are they experienced?

I’m not playing at OP10 so can’t say if it’s more extreme. But I can certainly say this is a thing common to all caps.


What is your gamer tag ? Could you please drop me some OP gear ?

Please check the date on a thread before replying. This one has been in the grave for 9 months. It is… past it’s prime, shall we say.