I'm OP5 - can anyone help get to OP8 for my Gaige!

I know there are lots of threads already on OP leveling so many apologies for starting another. However, I have a gunzerker who is OP8 but after watching Bahroo (I’m assuming you know who he is and Morningafterkill) on Youtube I’ve been trying to get Gaige to OP8 so I can test out the builds they suggest.

I’m currently OP5 but struggling to get to OP8 - can anyone please help!!!

My gamer tag is (PSN):




You can add me on PSN. I won’t be home till next week but I’m planning on helping a couple people out. Just make sure when you’re OP8 you pay it forward!

I am in the same boat right now, trying to hit OP 8 from 5. I’d be down to try and help you though.
PSN: Gearosi

op5 to op8 can get tough. depending on your build for your character.