I'm proud to be an Brothers in Arms fan!

Literally, the title said it all.

Would anyone else care to agree?

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OK, you got me.

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Lol, I forgot to mention that everyone else can say it.

Would anyone else like to agree on that?

Absolutely! My first position was as a tester on Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood. I went on to work on the Wii version of both of the first two games, as well as Hell’s Highway. I’ll always have fond feelings for that series.


I am a fan, too…even if Gearbox is not treating us wery well…
I asked for a more complete SDK that allowed us to import-export rigged models, but I haven’t recieved any response.

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Don’t worry man, at least we are very patience for the upcoming game.

I’m just about out o’ patience, bruh. JUST. ABOUT. OUT!


Hold on man! Hold on! We’re almost there! (I hope)

Just don’t pull the pin!