I'm quitting Moze...should I go for FL4K?

We know how much Moze has been nerfed. And to be honest, I don’t like the Mech AT ALL.I hardly ever use it, apart from a few abilities some guns have when exiting iron bear.
So, in order to get a nice powerful high-DPS character, should I start story with FL4K ? Can you tell me briefly why should I use OR not use him please ?
Many thanks ! ciao

Hard to say
What do you like to do ?

Hi, thanks.
I like SMG, assault rifles and pistols. I don’t like Melee, long distance shots. Grenades cool. So a medium combat distance. Coop all the time, solo don’t care much.

You’d be better off with Amara IMO

She’s just as good as Flak, but her playstyle is better suited for automatic weapons and medium range combat.

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Amara right now is in the best state of every character in the game and seems to be the preferred class by gearbox so I would go with her.


Ok, tnx. I have the impression Amara is melee oriented…is it just an impression or any player can play whatever way ? Sorry, it’s that I just used Moze for the moment, not tried any other yet. Thanks

She is incredibly OP as melee but look up Derch’s sheriff Amara build, that focuses on Jacobs weapons and no melee

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Amara’s quite interesting in that she only has a few skills that directly boost melee damage or change the way it works. Three, actually, as opposed to whole skill trees like those we’ve seen in past Borderlands games. Melee mechanics are different in this game and item interactions are what really make melee builds, there’s some bizarre ■■■■ going on.

Fir instance, you can spec deep into her Brawl tree without taking a melee skill or using melee at all, it’s more that she has skills that are beneficial to melee builds than skills that affect melee. So she’s not at all a melee oriented character, she just has the highest potential for melee and has those three skills that have a drastic impact on melee gameplay.

Her Brawl capstone is a melee skill, and the skill before it boosts action skill and gun damage after a melee attack, so you can build a melee hybrid or just use melee attacks to proc the buffs. The most commonly used Amara builds don’t use melee, you can invest in Brawl purely for survivability skills (which most of them are) and spec elsewhere for gun damage and elemental damage.

She’s probably the most versatile vault hunter because of that. Rip Flak thread derailment. I do think FL4K is the most complex and well designed character, though, but Amara has the versatility that all Sirem classes (including the not Siren Athena) have had in past games. If you’re unsure of who to play, she’s the safest bet. FL4K probably takes more skill and needs some specific gear to play optimally, but Amara isn’t as demanding yet is just as rewarding to play effectively.


Many thanks Slif_One, I will go with Amara then, grazie !