I'm ready for Battleborn

After playing a bunch of games recently, borderlands included, where it can take a long time to experience everything that character has to offer, I’ve decided I’m really looking forward to the reverse philosophy. Where you can cap out your character in 10 minutes, play him another 20, and then go do it all again with another character. And, what is the final character count going to be at release? Like 30? Out of those I’ll probably really enjoy 10 of them and want to play those a lot. I’m glad the game has a player vs enemy experience. That’s where I usually spend the most time.

On top of that, I have a feeling their PVP is actually going to be really fun. So I expect that I’ll love all facets of this game. Even though I generally prefer player vs computer only.

Also, Gearbox, please consider making a fast character creation mode in the next Borderlands. Think outside the borderlands box next time. Let us create any character at max level from scratch and choose a part of the game to jump into. Sure, perhaps you make the player earn that ability by beating playthroughs. But once I’ve beat the game in UVHM with one guy, it’s kind of a long journey to do it all again for another class.

Or maybe it simply takes too long to level up in UVHM. PreSequel for example. Recently I’ve been resetting UVHM with Lady Hammerlock every 10 minutes, after beating the first quest because it just seems like the fastest way to level up. I could go play the rest of the game to level, but the XP per time spent is much slower that way. 10 minutes, 40k+ experience.

Maybe consider giving XP the longer you’re in meaningful combat. Or perhaps it was just that the enemies in general in presequel dont give enough xp in uvhm. And that many quests just dont give enough xp in uvhm compared to the time investment. To really push the incentives in UVHM to play as regular, each story mission should give more and more xp. Second quest would be 80k. Third quest. 120k. And so on. By the end I should get a million experience-ish just for that last quest.

I understand that one possible design bonus of the way you did it is that the player has plenty of time to replace their gear as they go in UVHM this way. If the player levels too fast then maybe their equipment would be outclassed too fast. But this isn’t as big a problem in presequel because the level scaling is not as severe as it was in Borderlands 2. So I don’t think that design bonus is worth the extremely slow leveling downside.