I'm ready to buy the game! but i can't start the game!?

i have a decent PC with Intel core i5 4670 Haswell / 8G RAM DDR3 / GeForce GTX 660
Im not even planning to run the game as High setting, but i believe this spec isn’t something that would cause a critical issue like i have.

When i start the game from Steam, BattleBorn-(Running) pops up for 2 secs on the Steam Library and nothing happens.

No error sign or error pop ups. Just Nothing…

I tried re-installing it, but still can’t find the problem. can someone help me?

Problems like these are always really finicky, I feel. And a problem with Steam, usually. A quick thing you can try is restarting steam and/or your computer.

Thanks for your reply, i already try those :((

Dang, I haven’t personally encountered this problem often enough to remember any other fixes… :worried:
I did find this.
Games do not run after ‘Preparing to Launch’