I'm REALLY confused

On PC.
I have one character at level 33, FLAK. Fought Gigamind.
Another at level 16, ZANE. Fought Gigamind.
I started a Moze and is currently at level 17.
Here is the weird thing, I don’t ever recall fighting Gigamind with Moze. On top of that, none of Meridian Complex has been explored, it was still the “brown unexplored” color. I went to Gigamind location, the door is cut open, and he is only level 12 and remains at that level when I go back.

It shows that quest as being completed in the “Completed list”, but how could that have been if the entire map was still unexplored???

Is there anyway that different character files can conflict with each other?

I swear I never remember fighting Giga with Moze?

If You joined someones game and that person had this quest complete then Your story “progressed” to the place where that person was at the time.


Unless you are in TVHM or have a Mayhem mode selected, Gigamind is a level 12 boss. Don’t let that confuse your issue. Do you play in COOPeration or COOPetition mode (if you have a lost loot machine with items, its COOPeration mode). In competition mode you can be level boosted like previous Borderlands games

That, or someone’s been playing your characters :wink:

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I just realized this morning that I had joined a co-op for all of 5 minutes, so they must have already completed it.

Just so long as I’m not going senile.

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