I'm really disappointed with directing the actors who act as Lilith and Tannis

For Lilith, according to the story, she is serious. Her conversation did not show that she was funny or joking. But the actor smiled from the first scene I feel that it’s not Lilith that I know at all.

As for Tannis. She is humorous, but in the later roles with the actors’ scenes, she looks serious, doesn’t smile at all, I think there must be something wrong. :sweat_smile:

Are they not the same actor?

Of course the artists depiction changes, not all were made at the same time; pieces get chopped and spliced all the time

Tannis isn’t humourous, except in the situations in previous games where her trauma and general mental condition was played for humour. She’s normally incredibly serious, and has been as far back as the ECHO logs in BL1.

Anyhow, disappointment is a personal thing. It sucks for you that you didn’t mesh with the characters due to this, but I can’t really say the same for myself.

Just to be clear … IMO … the voice actors did a great job! Top notch on the acting!

The directing and/or story line seem … and not my words , but I agree … “like a high school play”.

Luckily the game is so fantastic I can forgive the gitchy story writing.

I think Tannis is meant to be a bit autistic. Her humor comes from her being disassociated with emotion in such a crazy world.

Somewhere in BL2 there’s a reference to her and Asperger’s, so yes - autism spectrum.

In all fairness, the fact they are talking to us in our mind makes no sense at all. The only reason angel could do it was because she was talking to us in our echo device - not via her powers into our mind. So why on earth they decided that sirens can suddenly talk to you in your mind I’ll never know. Why doesn’t Tyreen taunt you in your mind to the point of insanity? Seems like something she’d do for giggles.

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Tannis explains it as a capability of “Phase Shift” that she inherited from Angel, phase shift allows a siren to affect electrical fields, hence she can speak into your brain, since that’s a glob of organic electrical circuitry.
Of course, this does not explain why Lilith can do so also, since Phase Walk does not (to our shared lore) have that ability.

And the only thing I dislike about the Lilith appearances is dang it was very very jarring to get high quality full motion video when she speaks to you early on.
We’re all so used to pixelated (Angel and Lilth in BL2) or blurred (Tannis in BL3) images that the whammo of, like, a real person being Lilith was shocking.


Yeah, had to do a lot of head-canon stuff for that.

Angel talks to you on the bus before you even get the device in 1.


It’s still places as a gimmick that two sirens are able to suddenly do now in 3. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ava in the future DLC regarding her, if rumours are true, has her doing the same thing to give us orders.

I’d like to think that for Angel in 1, things weren’t even ironed out - what sirens were and that Angel, as a person, wasn’t even decided yet. Who she was and what she was hadn’t been decided until they worked on the story for 2 so I find it a tad more forgivable.

And I understand Tannis gaining Angels abilities but this was the only thing she used of Angel having in the previous games. The only other times we see her actually using it is to take over the turrets and to bash about the Agoniser. I feel like they did Angel and her abilities a real disservice tbh. I always hoped her sacrifice would have meant something bigger in the future. Mostly because in the pre sequel, in the clap dlc, we see hope and self esteem images as a clap-siren with angels wings and a clap-warrior with Athena’s shield. And with Athena being saved by the guardian…

Yeah, getting side tracked. The models for the mind talking were a bit weird. I can’t complain about them not looking like the characters though as Angels live action actress looked a lot different to her character model. I think it has something to do with them looking much more realistic. I feel with angels on 2, it has a more computer like look - because it was through the echo - whereas now we’re seeing a person and can tell it’s a real life person rather than some digital reconstruction.

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