I'm returning to the game I love and need help

Battleborn is by far one of my favorite games of all time, however, awhile back I stepped away from the game because I felt that I wasn’t receiving the love as a fan that I am so used to getting from gearbox. But I knew I would be back one day and now I need help. I would love to put the time into this game to get competitive and start participating in tournaments, but I have totally lost track of the meta. If y’all could help me learn where all of the battleborn are at now and gear sets that would be much appreciated. If I am just lead to other links that is acceptable, but I decided to start here.


I can highly recommend this thread;

It’s still relevant and can for the most part also be applied to other game modes than Meltdown.


and for character builds, i recommend kitru’s. hes got them posted on here, but click on the link to the steam versions, because those are updated. :slight_smile: he talks about gear for chars and everything. just know hes a pver, so some things are slightly different in pvp. hell get you off to a fine start though.

edit: also depending on what platform youre playing on, im sure someone here can help you get sorted in game too. im on pc and ps4 and the discord :thumbsup:

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The meta is currently a CC meta strongest picks are Gali, Boldur, Kelvin, and Beatrix. A full meta draft sees them banned and the immediate picks typically Ghalt and Shayne and Aurox.

If you are on Xbox we have a weekly league for competitive play with varying skill levels that you would be more than welcome to join.


The main thing to note is that the recent buffs have put Mellka in a far better place than she was back when that list was made. At this point, I’d probably put her in mid/upper C or maybe even lower B on certain maps. Aside from that, the tier list is basically the same.


Mellka we bae

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Thanks for all these replies. You guys are helpful as always. I’m Xbox so I will certainly be looking into the weekly league here in a week or two when I’m not super fresh. @MahZeeeeeee Looks like I got just a bit more reading and research and I should be caught up. Oh one more question… what is the meta for team comp? for example- 2 tank/control, 1 heal, and 3 damager.
-edit… I now realized I mathed wrong.

It’s more like 2 CC characters 2 damage and 1 healer. We’re midseason right now in our club but it ends in another 4 weeks. That should give you plenty of time to get back into the swing so to speak. Meanwhile the club is Battleborn Competitive League if you’d like to join and follow what’s happening, we usually try and stream the games so you can see how some of the drafts are going.

When drafting, who ever has first pick essentially gets to decide of there are S tanks (Boldur, Galilea, Kelvin) or not. In a proper draft, either 2 or none will get through but never 1 or 3 because the only way to really fight an S tank is with another S tank. The first four picks if the S tanks are banned, in my experience, are usually Ghalt, Shayne, Rath and Alani and almost always Ghalt first. Then the next picks will complement the team such as a DPS to follow up on Rath’s initiations, or cover weaknesses such as Benedict for a team lacking ranged DPS. Last picks will either counter enemy team comp or prevent your team from being countered.

If you have any questions about certain characters and how they may have changed since you last played let me know. If I don’t know then I almost certainly know someone who does.

@MahZeeeeeee Slightly off topic but are there any honor bans in your club? On PS4 I know Boldur and/or Beatrix usually get honor banned in scrims.


They aren’t scrims so no honor bans. Beatrix tends to get banned in every match though. In last night’s games I think game 1 had the picks go Team 1 Kelvin, and Team 2 responded with Shayne and Boldur. In game 2 Boldur was banned, like you said it’s pretty much up to Team 1 if all the S tier tanks get banned.


Honestly… just to throw my 2 cents in even though many would disagree. Phoebe is a better pick than shayne. Shayne may have a 2 level head start but after that Phoebe excels in every aspect, she out dps, specs has 30% dmg reduction at lv 5, way better ult and has a better late game. Also if there was a 1v1 phoebe will win that even with a shayne stun.

Which I’ll prove as soon as phoebe stops being banned when I finally play in privates


I won’t deny that. But in the group we do regular scrims with on ps4, we only really have one phoebe player who can play her at a competitve level. Everyone else is much better off using someone else instead so Phoebe gets little play on PS4. As I said, it’s just my experience.

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Shayne has more tank, survivability (both Fetch and Invisible) where as Phoebe has her True Strike and Phasegate. While Phoebe can out DPS Shayne with faster attacks, Shayne has much more to juggle and can go longer than she can. Plus you have to account for Shayne’s Heavy slow at level two, which just demolishes a fleeing Phoebe at the same level and at lvl 4 Shayne gets a stun. It’s definitely a duel of who plays whom better, but in general I think Shayne just has more tricks and therefore more survivability on her side.

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Shayne gets picked earlier because she has hard CC that can be applied to open up S Tanks for punishment. Pheobe is stronger against almost everyone else, but Kelvin, Boldur, and Galilea all have strong defensive options that she can’t penetrate without major risk and that Shayne’s Snatch can.

It’s worth noting that in the traditional choke standoff, Shayne can also apply pressure via 'rangs safely while Pheobe has to commit to dangerous dives to contribute.


I don’t see phoebe as a replacement for Shayne per say. Phoebe doesn’t have the cc that Shayne does and is just less versatile in general. Shayne has range, stealth and better durability. Sure Phoebe can out damage Shayne. So can thorn without having to dive. I don’t see many good Phoebes running around either. I don’t play her myself. I have trouble staying on target with her small hitbox and true strike dash thingy. She is really only good at one thing, killing players. As far as I can tell she can’t really clear waves and she can’t harass. The most successful Phoebes I’ve seen had like 3 supporters and just jumped in to finish off whoever dropped below half health. IMO that is not really contributing to the team that much. Securing kills is important but if you need 2 support to get you out and someone else whittling them down to half before you go in, it just seems like there are better options available.