I'm searching for a good UVHM build for Zer0

Hey guys. I’m searching for a good and health based Skill-Build for Zer0. But I wanna go for the most available reload speed too. My Skill-Build atm is this: http://bl2skills.com/assassin.html#555121100050502132001521000000, but it does not really work good in UVHM is more like random then really thoughtfull. I hope someone will answer really quick. :slight_smile:

G’bye Vault hunters!

Yeah that build is all over the place.
Before anything else: what gear are you using, comm, shield, etc.

Ok to start off: you have points in pretty much useless skills and no synergy whatsoever between skills and (probably) gear.
You should have taken one capstone (Kunai obviously…it’s Death Bl0ss0m) and move around the rest of the points according to gamestyle: gun or melee.
If you run a gun-centered Zer0 I would recommend this build: This one
If you’re usinga melee-centered Zer0 I would use this one: Mobbing melee and switch to this Boss melee for stronger bosses.

0ptics is a useless skill, no reason to put any point there whatsoever (even with a Legendary Hunter class mod). No reason as well to max out Ir0n Hand wihout a build to support it (which you don’t have). A good lesson to have is that if you find yourself putting just one or two points into skills, then you shouldn’t put those at all and instead max out a good one for more return to you during gameplay.

I’m not the most experienced Zero player but here goes:
The reason for some of the changes: Fearless is great if you plan on using a Rough Rider shield or go into FFL a lot but for now Ambush might be better. The damage from Unforseen isn’t that great in UVHM- those points are better used somewhere else. If you want to heal by using Deception then maxxing out Grim is the better move IMO. If you want to heal by getting melee kills then you might want to move towards Resurgence but I think there is some debate as to if it’s really better than just using Innervate alone- those that have spent more time with Zero could give you a better answer. BTW, are you going for a general gun build, melee or sniper build? Depending on what you want to do will determine a lot of your skill choices…

OP you should check the DDD thread on Zer0’s skills and read it: it explains really well all of Zer0’s skills and rates them according to gameplay (again gun or melee). It also has recommendations on how to level up a Zer0 and links to other threads with very usefull information.


If you want healing, his only skill is Innervate, so you might as well max that out. While you’re down there, Kunai is well worth the trip (and I’d consider spreading the points down that tree however you see fit, depending on your weaponry and play style). The trip down the Bloodshed tree is just to get Execute. Your next point would go into B0re. This should suit your needs for skill-based reload and health buffs.

Assassin master build list.

I threw together the following Zer0 build based upon your current build level (52) and the fact that you mentioned getting health / health regen. It includes one Capstone (Death Bl0ss0m for Kunai) and is more gun focused then melee focused: http://bl2skills.com/assassin.html#505001000050504105511450000000 . But as other have mentioned, consulting the various Zer0 specific guides (For Builds , Good / Bad Skills and Top Gear) will be helpful and the build (or builds) you eventually plan on using should also take into account both your playstyle and the gear you plan on using.

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I would only change putting 1 point into Killing Bl0w and put all 5 points in it: it’s the best finisher skill in the entire game. Every point put into it will bring you nothing but rewards while Ir0n Hand won’t really bring anything.

Well, I just put the 4 points in Ir0n Hand (+12% Max Health) since the OP stated he was looking for skills that boost health. For a more Melee focused Zero, I would probably go the other way and spec more points into Killing Bl0w.

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Can you even do a good health stacking zero? He doesn’t have anything to support it.

The only build I can think off in terms of healing Zer0 is based around the Legendary Hunter class mod but other than that the skills you pick up don’t actually boost health. Doing that kinda hurts Zer0. If he has less health than Legendary Hunter and Innervate can better heal you past health gate.

Okay, I will test your gun Skill-build, thank you. :slight_smile:

I switch my shield between the bee, the flame of the firehawk and if I need much shieldcapacity The Fabled Tortoise
I already use a Survivor comm to increase the health.
I switch my grenade mods kinda very often, but I think that and my weapons are not really neccessary (Did I even write this right lel) for you to see haha

Thanks for the help, I think I will test all your suggestions out and see which works best for me :slight_smile:

I think a general gun build would be the best for me personally because I use nearly all the types beside rocket launchers, 'cause they are… rocket launcher and I don’t like them that much. But a Sniper build would be great too. And thanks! I’ll try it.

Go farm Hyperious (with B0re and almost any decent spread weapon and a singularity grenade it’s easy) and stack up on seraph crystals to get an Antagonist: it’s the best all around shield in the game and Zer0 doesn’t really need the bee (you can use it but I would recommend it only in group play).

The build I used at level 52 was the same as the gun build listed in post 2 of this thread, except moving 4/5 from Fearless to Two Fang. I’d say that those points are the most portable in the build. I wouldn’t mess with the rest of it.

At that stage of the game you won’t have a tremendous amount of extra punch with sniping, but the slag, deception -> kunai -> burst dance is already very potent. Vladof pistols will get you very fast kills at that point, and your first shot out of deception with a potent sniper or shotgun will be a doozy.

The Legendary Hunter is head and shoulders above other Legendary COMs at that point, but a Stalker can be a decent choice. Overall, L Hunter plus a relic with cooldown is probably best.

Have fun!

Hello man, sorry for bothering you here again, it’s a very old thread, I know, but you could you maybe expand the gun build you posted up there up to lvl 72? That would be really nice cuz I just don’t know how to skill haha.

For a general gun build that should serve you well enough.

Depending on what guns you’re using (shotguns, jakobs pistols vs vladof pistols, pimp or lyuda vs sloth or patriot, etc…) you can spend those last 4 points in OSOK, Velocity, precision, or the melee skills.