I'm so excited for BL3, I can't stand it!

I always found the light hearted and non-serious humor of Boarderlands to be one of the most solid selling points of the games. It doesn’t take itself seriously, it doesn’t sweat small stuff, and the multiplayer is fun. Shenangians are had all the time!

Im looking forward to playing as any of the new characters, but to play as a robot Flak (whom I think may be Loader Bot) is a pretty heavy change! He seems kickass, and I already love the guy! Eager to play the new siren too, her powers look great.

Keep it up Gearbox! Your fans love you and your goofy antics! Hope to learn of future developments soon, lol!


Me too man . I cannot believe it just 30 days and i am going to be playing borderlands 3 man . But sorry gearbox confirmed it isnot leader bot which is sad but make sense . But still 100% the most awsome game will come to 2019 and on of the top games in the last 10 years

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Damn I was hoping for Loader Bot to make an appearance. I was going to name my first born after him.

I think the most serious parts in the Borderlands series (Gearbox or no) are Scooter’s death in TFTBL and Angel’s at the end of Where Angels Fear To Tread in BL2, though she still adds a little hilarity calling Jack an assh*le.

Every aspect of the game looks great except for one big open question.

How good and how detailed is the enemy AI. ???

If they really take a step forward with a sophisticated enemy AI then Borderlands3 could be one of the greatest games ever made.

Me too it’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited about a game coming out. I just love the whole borderlands universe. I was excited about metro exodus it wasn’t bad but not as good as the other 2 in my opinion. This is about as excited as I’ve ever gotten about a game since half life 2. 1 month to go!

Well, they take cover and try to perform flanking maneuvers (whether the ones I saw were accidental or not is in the air, like that bandit Technical I blew up earlier.) So… maybe?