I'm So Ready For This

Gotta say, Gearbox hasn’t disappointed me yet. I just recently played my first GB game when i picked up the handsome collection… after Destiny was such a let down, I was really glad to find something well done. Now, I’m psyched for Battleborn. It feels like I’ve been waiting forever! It will be one of the few games I’ve followed since it’s announcement that I haven’t lost faith in after getting my hands on some gameplay… I’m glad they added the unlockable (non-paid DLC) skins… that makes the replay for me… PSYCHED. Just wanted to give you guys the thumbs up GB @Jythri


I vote for Destiny as the biggest hyped to biggest let down in video game history

“i would tell you the story of what happened, but please purchase the DLC content for me to continue”

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I mean the story… what a horrible mess, don’t get me started… but that wasn’t even my biggest issue with it. THIS is my biggest issue… (which still hasn’t really been fixed in my opinion)


i found earning loot in story mode was ok for the rate we got.

i do hope there will be a lot more variety
more types of stat changers

im sure in time we will get a lot more loot variety too :slight_smile:

They couldnt even do that right still dont know who that women was who just leaves at the end of the main story.
People who say but its better after the taken king lied the story was only good because Nathan Fillion

Love that pic!

Duuuuuude. Nathan Filion. Seriously, that’s what made Taken King better… But still same the glaring gameplay flaws… Slightly less so, but still big problems.