I'm so SICK of people on the team doing nothing

I’m so irritated when people load up a game just to sit back in the base, moving every once in a while so they don’t get booted from the game. WTF?! If you don’t wanna play, DON’T LOAD UP A GAME!!! :angry:


I’ve been playing nothing but PvP for about a month. I haven’t seen to much of that, but I’ve seen it. It’s hard to say what that is. They aren’t getting XP or anything.

This happened to us last night.

A Reyna came out of base as per usual to start a match, grabbed some shards, got to the choke point then… teleported back to base.

We assumed they had some real world reason like a pizza being delivered or something but nope, they just stayed there the entire match jumping around.

When the enemy team inevitably reached our second sentry she popped her head out the side of the base a couple of times to taunt.

I’m still trying to guess why they bothered to enter a game at all…