I'm so sick of the not-disapeering barrier bug just before Wotan

About 2-30% of the time when I do Maliwan Takedown, I have a bug where the barrier after crossing the bridge — just before Heavy gunners from two opposite doors and then Wotan, doesn’t disappear. It’s when I do matchmaking with random people and even though we try to find a hidden enemy with tracking grenades or phasegrasp, it doesn’t work. So we have to kill ourselves and start all over again.

I just had another same bug that even after we killed ourselves and ran through the same bridge, the bug happened again so the host (probably who was upset as I did) quit the game just before Wotan. I have had this bug almost five times and it is very, very frustrating.

I just submitted a support request on the 2k website and I wish they will fix it soon.
I just wanted to have one last pleasant raid before sleep, but alas.

I experience this one time and it drove me insane but I know why that happen…

On my part I had a Heavyweight somehow trapped out of the map. At the opposite side of the locked gate that holds Heavyweights before accessing to Wotan. I’m not sure how the lone Heavyweight got on top of the building roof but my Kyb manage to kill him from afar and the gate is open

To be safe kill all enemies safely. Don’t ragdoll blast them out of the map and make sure to scan every corner at the end of the map if you see any red dot or any enemy far away

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That’s dreadful, I have the exact opposite problem occasionally. The heavyweights just stand in their rooms until I kill everyone else usually.

If you run back to the last area & return I’ve found it fixes this problem. Had it happen a couple of times.