I'm sorry for the cringe but

I have no one else I could share this with.

The thread is basically about Splinterlands and its soundtrack. I really like the map and the both soundtracks (ambience + battle):

But for whatever reason it makes me feel like I lost something when me and Iron Bear just look into the horizon making me feel like Borderlands as a game died.

I know it seems to make no sense especially considering I’ve always played Borderlands 3 alone except for the first playthrough.

Maybe it’s because me and my better half used to play Borderlands 2 day and night for years but due to the bad stutters and low fps of Borderlands 3 she didn’t want to play it any longer after the first playthrough so now I feel kinda… Lost?

But why do I only feel this way when I’m spending time at the Splinterlands map?

Or does anyone else “feel” something in this particular map? Especially when you ride the abandoned rollercoaster and look at the Firehawk.

It just makes me feel like I lost everything (in terms of Borderlands that is).

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hmm, it might be bc BL3 doesn’t give you the same feelings when you experienced BL2.

for me, i get this feeling in eden-6 or the emptier parts of maps. its not so much the game “died” but it does not have what i loved about the older games. not to discredit the good it does do, but its just not for me. i miss the smaller and more packed maps of BL2.


I love the Splinterlands tracks. Really evokes that sense of a dusty wasteland.

But I have a different overall take: Borderlands 1 really captured the sense that you’re a lone (or part of a small band) treasure seeker landing on a wasteland of a planet in search of a Vault that has some vague promise of treasure. Overall it’s a bit more mysterious and more slowly unfolds. In Borderlands 2 and 3, you know right away what the stakes are: you’ve got Jack and the Twins constantly badgering you right from the start and you know what your ultimate goal is: defeating them.

In BL1, like I said, it’s a little more vague. Sure, once in a while Steele chimes in, but it’s more about the search for the Vault than anything else and she’s not snarking on you every two steps you take. There’s a little more sense of wonder in that game, compared to 2 and 3.


Thanks for describing my feelings as well - BL1 allowed your imagination to fill the gaps, and create better immersion IMHO.

All later games badger you much more, with their ‘voices in your head’ and ‘save the world’ pleas. Sometimes I just want to be left alone.


Borderlands 3 ‘size’ increased but, in actuality, made the whole universe feel smaller.

Especially since you can fast travel across planets. It’s convenient sure, but they sure skewed the scale of the planets in this game in a not so good way imo.

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Nah - for me, that music fits pretty well thematically (seriously, the people writing soundtracks for these games are gifted songwriters in my opinion - they’re nailing all these environments).

All I think about with the roller coaster section is that it could stand to be crammed with enemies, though I suppose I think that about everywhere in the game. The Spliterlands otherwise has a pretty classic Borderlands feel to me, probably because it’s on Pandora.

Yo, that’s seriously tragic, especially if she’s otherwise a fan of playing Borderlands with you. Everyone’s priorities/finances are different, but I’d drop a couple Gs in a hot second on some PC that could crush this game if it was the difference between playing together or not. Also, Borderlands 2 is still fun, no? You ever get into TPS?

Maybe because outside of the various mobs staged around the map, the open center of it is pretty desolate and lonely? If you travel to the track section of Carnivora and lurk out there, do you get the same feeling? (I do wish they’d respawn Carnivora like other bosses… that was a fun fight, though I suppose it would “break” the ground-based entrance to the guts.)

Well you can always fast travel to the guts. That would be fun fighting carnivora again.

I personally love splinterlands. Feels like the dust from bl2 to me. Big wide open area with tons of named enemies to farm.

Yeah I really like how they designed the Pandora maps. They’re evocative of the Dust and the maps from BL1 that are large in scope like the Rust Commons maps. Big maps where you can drive around, explore, and head for bandit camps and critter dens to take em out.

Eden-6, Promethea, and Nekrotafayo are nicely laid out like that too and you can do the same things there, but the good ol’ dusty Pandora environment gives me big nostalgia feels. :smiley:

dude that’s not cringe at all, of the few things this game definitely got right the music is on point.

If you want cringe, it would be how hard I jam to the original fight music before the space station boss fight.
I literally keep one character at that level, never progressing just so I can here it whenever i want! :rofl:

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That wouldn’t happen to be the Digby Vermouth Supernova Dreamsicle would it?

One of my favorites as well :smiley:

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HECK Yeah my dude. :grin:

I put a lot of hate on this game, but you know what, its worth it, just for this jam.

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Agreed. The sountrack is top notch across the board. DLC3 was a little meh, but it fit the Japanese / old west theme really well.

BL3 has been terminally ill since mayhem 2.0 release