I'm sorry gearbox, But this is ridiculous

First of all I want to say sorry guys to both consumers and gbx staff that have been on the forums doing their best. I by no means will not be hear monitoring and checking for updates but… well let me get into the crux of it.

I hate to say it but i haven’t touched this game all weekend til now, then the moment I do the games i played there are 3 lvl100s against my team with only 1 person over 50 which was me who is lvl 51. It’s not just marquis and it’s annoying when people say just counter marquis, but how can we when we have a perma healing miko stupid idea to have a perma heal in ANYTHING competitive, galilea cause of course just pushing the wave, thorn who is now what i call the black mage of the game, ghalt who i can deal with, and marquis constantly sentry sniping the entire match.

I’ve been tilted cause multiplayer in BB is so unenjoyable thus far so broken and gimped that it’s frustrating in terms of balanced. I chilled out and tried not to complain about the game too much lest be attacked by people who think GBX can only do right and i played smite and paragon. I even played some league this weekend and actually had fun, like i was hmmm this feels alot better than Battleborn sure paragon has some balance issues but they are way more in check than this. I probably might copy paste this in another thread because this may not be the right one to complain in.

But wow i can understand anyone who is being flustered by this game it’s simply UNACCEPTABLE, PVP is a complete mess free for all premade stacks on broken and unbalanced heroes. The Marquis sniping is just the tip of the ugly iceberg sticking it’s head out showing you it’s nasty face. I honestly don’t know if i will continue with this game, it’s the 22nd i’ve been here since the beta hoping and wishing the best for the game. Until there are some fixing I don’t think i will touch this game with a 12 foot pole my experience in other balanced moba’s just gives me the cringiest of reflexes. Especially when people argue this is a moba but fails so strongly in the moba aspect

I’ve tried to endure, through the phoebe, through the el dragon, through the ambra, and now a new phase of problem of new and old ‘Galilea & company’. This is just unacceptable especially without a fixed date we are just supposed to accept this? well i can’t and I won’t I’ve voiced my opinions on balance on too many other games and had naysayers until the company actual looked and say “right this is unacceptable” essentially echoing my cry made long ago. I really wanted to believe battleborn could change things, haha like destiny… but maybe it can’t maybe it’s asking for too much. Maybe in the future it will get better. But Right now this game is filled with flaw after flaw if i cared about an consumer i’d rightfully tell them to avoid it but keep an eye on it.

Well didn’t mean to make this into a drama or anything ,i’ll be around on forums trying to give positive feedback but i’ll still be critical. And hopefully i can come back to BB, but for now I have to walk away. I’m making a solemn oath to not even touch it until certain things are fixed when they are i’ll be back behind you gearbox but until then you guys hurt me big… :sob: Y U DU DIS

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Have you considered other game modes? Battleborn doesn’t end on Incursion. In fact, this is the mode I play the least due to exploits that we all hope will be fixed in the upcoming patch. Galilea should also be patched then.


You are right it doesn’t end with incursion and I agree, even in incursion I try to avoid overgrowth at all costs. But being that incursion is somewhat the better balance of PVP i lean towards it more. I have already completed all the story modes on both normal and advanced. I play them from time to time, but some of the levels can be a real headache and I don’t like the random selection for most of the levels makes for swing voting, whereas helio is just helio so it be nice if the other levels kinda had that feature.

I’ve been waiting for awhile for the patch, so idk maybe im just being impatient, but with a major issue being addressed so late. Even after the release of a major competitor ( once again my opinion) it screams sloppy especially since most of these problems were here in Beta and just escaped the eyes of the Devs from not enough testing.

Not playing this weekend might be your problem… the double XP is insane… im 67 and was only 40 before it started, it rockets pretty damn quickly…judging people purely on CR is an ongoing issue.

I was curious about having incursion disable so no one intends to grief on that map, but not sure it is a good idea with Overwatch coming out on Alani’s grand appearance

I’m level 51 I really don’t need anything else besides character experience, and given my current feel for the game atm I’d rather not struggle with it against the obvious cheesy grinds. So i’ll just do it eventually later when the game is more fixed and balanced.

As for CR goes I’ve already given my personal opinion on it. Elo in a game this early… with no max rank, or ranked games … is just gunna be a pain for everyone to deal with. Especially with premades where elo is skewered and has to have exclusive and special exceptions anyways.

As far as I know the patch fixing Overwatch is in but a week. But from someone who has been playing the beta and since release at midnight… It can be painful to have had waited so long and takes it’s toll on your expectations and enjoyment of the product.

I’d definitely not take away incursion but rather remove characters instead or simply add Banning into matches so that people can vote on what they don’t want disturbing their game. This way marquis, and galil can be X’d off quite easily without poisoning both forums and the game’s community. Asking fans to simply deal with it until whenever is realistic… but harsh, especially with matchmaking that just eats up beginners.


So like league of legends when playing “ranked” matches one team can ban certain characters of their choosing if the team agrees?

He wants a Draft Pick. The system is called draft pick and It might cause people to leave more if their main character is banned.

So have a feature to add another player still waiting for a group of 4 to be on his/her team

Generally that would be the case. Might need a CR limit though as low CR players dont have many characters unlocked and this could screw them over esp since miko would be permabanned throughout.

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The healer would be perma-band?!

I think it would be much more beneficial to the game and the community it supports for the game to be disrupted early do to leavers during bans- and also giving people warnings and que times for doing so while also resetting que for the teams that had the leaver. Rather than people leaving because well they have a miko marquis galil. People get so flustered especially when your team has no one to rival the absurdity of these characters since you can’t see the enemy picks you can’t make strategical counters towards them. So it forces you into a rock papers scissors, format, except even RPS has a more fair approach than galil marquis miko becoming the godly trinity of Teamcomps.

But then again you could be right, maybe this could just make things worse with leavers and toxicity. Right now multiplayer is like Swiss Cheese when it comes to leavers.

Edit: Well this would make other supports more viable like kleese ambra and reyna instead of miko miko miko… kinda like the BAN soraka effect when she got insane with heals every 4-5 seconds. while miko has PERMA heals.

Miko behind a Galilea or Montana can make them nearly unkillable. Go up against a Miko Montana Combo with the Montana going the damage route with firestorm, Montana cant be killed and outputs a huge amounts of DPS and at the same time body blocking so enemies cant target Miko. Any tank/Brawler with a miko behind them makes them very hard to kill.

Other supports just cant do this , Plus miko can set up kills as well with his slow/stun.


Yea i’ve already seen it done and it’s UGLY it was a premade that also flamed my PM psn for killing them a few times with OM. He ran damage reduction, with healing received mods on montana, with healing power on miko. So miko’s heals were insane to montana and hiting miko was so hard because you have an entire other team to worry about they just aren’t gunna stop and let you flank everytime.

Thats why i get tired of the same argument"just flank miko", very similar to marquis this game has various choke points that would be literally suicide even if your entire team dived for miko. The perma heal is unhealthy, and this is coming from someone who mains miko, i feel like a moving bastion once we get camped outside the enemies sentry there is rarely no getting pushing us back, and even if we rarely do make a mistake it is minute they are pushed so FAR in they can’t hope to push to out sentry against whoever remaining people left in less than 20secs or so.

Once you’ve starved them off exp while just building and taking all the crystal and camps the game just gets so onesided people leave or surrender. Galil is perfect for choke points through the center because she has a literall " NO NO " zone and can just pull back past a corner for heals that are faster than the base max buildable. Something there needs to be looked at.

It’s a totally broken game and experience. It gets better after you lose your way to level 20 plus. Before that it’s a painful horrendous experience. The game is fun, but it’s terribly broken. Overwatch comes out today. I would suggest cutting your losses, and do a Smite + Overwatch combo. Smite has many of the game modes Battleborn does, and Overwatch is simply amazing. This game is different than both of those, but, I’ve played both and the experience on both games is so much more rewarding right now.

L8er Gearbox. I honestly tried with your game. You got my money at 60 bucks. Won’t happen again.

I feel like Hideaki Kobayakawa at the battle of Sekigahara with this sometimes… Hmmmmmmm

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Yup , Even trying to get to miko results in death because Montana has some great ways of forcing you to disengage with mansformation and lumberjack dash.

I mean in a pub montana is not really great but in a premade? ■■■■.

It’s jarring to see some of the experiences others are having with this game. As a casual player, this game has taken up all of my playing time since launch. I can get an hour or two in during the week, and 6-8 hours over the weekend, and I haven’t really run into any of the issues that have been raised here.

I’ve won almost every Incursion game I’ve played, and I’ve never seen this Marquis sniping issue from either team. If anything, Benedict is a bigger killer, since I’ve discovered that he can fly directly into the enemy base and take pot shots at the forward sentry.

But in general, Incursion and Meltdown are heavily objective based, focused about controlling the flow of minions and enemies. If you’re smart about it, you can destroy the enemy minions without having to directly engage enemy Battleborm, and you can generally take down any player or tandem of players with a properly coordinated strike then the time is right. Shards, Thrall Mercenaries, and turrets are all there to help turn the tide of battle. This is not a Death Match.

In a given match, there characters who seem to dominate me, and there are definitely characters that I avoid because I suck with them, but I don’t necessarily feel like it’s a balance issue so much as an “I suck with this character” or “that guy’s really good with that character” issue.


In a given match, there characters who seem to dominate me, and there are definitely characters that I avoid because I suck with them, but I don’t necessarily feel like it’s a balance issue so much as an “I suck with this character” or “that guy’s really good with that character” issue.

I agree completely. But many gamers seem unwilling or unable to do that, refusing to take a step back and look at how they might approach a situation differently, how they might play better. I get stomped all the time, but the vast majority of the time it was because I was out of position or tried to take on a fight I shouldn’t have, or the other player was really good, or I used an ability at the wrong time, not because the other character is op.

Are there things that need balance tweaks? Sure. but overall, balance is pretty good. Team composition, coordination, and tactics matter, which is what separates this from a lot of other games, IMO. If people play this like just another shooter, against a coordinated team, it isn’t going to end well.