I'm sorry gearbox, But this is ridiculous

Eloquently put @Misguided. My sentiments exactly.

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Exactly. Players need to learn that there’s no shame in retreating from a PvP battle if you’re outmatched. Luring an enemy damage dealer like Rath or Oscar Mike around a corner an into an ambush of two or three teammates is one of my favorite things. I’ll take the assist, and avoid feeding the enemy XP, then turn around and take out the minions to give us the score advantage.


I would agree that overall balance is pretty good, it definitely shows that they’ve been working to get balance changes out for a while.

That said, it makes it glaringly obvious when a character is out of line with the rest of the characters.

ISIC for instance, he was a free-win most of the time for me prior to the nerf. Now, he is a little squishier than he probably needs to be, but he’s mostly back in line with where he should be.

Galilea for instance having the plethora of abilities that other characters don’t have makes it glaringly obvious that she was out of line. Now, she’s falling in where she needs to be.

We’re getting to the point where a few tweaks here and there are all that’s needed on some characters, which is where you want to be before new characters get thrown in the mix.

Overall, I’m really excited by how well they’ve been doing with balancing characters, and now that it’s calming down a bit, I’m looking forward to them putting some more effort into ironing out the map design and UI issues like the buggy sentry announcements and the fact that you can’t see your stacks on gear/abilities.


Yeah, I’m really trying to get better at map awareness. I do dumb things like get locked in on attacking someone without realizing my teammates have fallen back, leaving me as easy prey. That and things like noticing enemies on sniper perches.

It’s kind of like learning to drive. At first, you are so nervous, you tend to keep your eyes locked straight ahead or darting all over the place like dragonflies on crack. Eventually, though, you develop the ability to keep half an eye on what’s in front of you, in mirrors, and to the sides.

There are so many noob things that will get you wrecked, that are avoidable if you don’t panic. Sometimes I need to just mutter “use your quick melee” over and over like some kind of mantra.


PVP will always suck unless we get back to the old days when everyone had full equal access to everything from the start.
Every PVP game has these issues today, that’s why I mostly stopped playing PVP. In coop it doesn’t matter if the other guy has better stuff than me, because he’s on my team so I still benefit by proxy.

I heard Overwatch is facing similar problems, which is no surprise to me. But hey go play some other PVP game and find out it’s inherent unfairness.

Lol, well, there’s a fine line between you over-committing on someone, and your teammates abandoning you.
As a front-line tank, I walk this line every day.

If people are on a mic with me or in a party, I expect them to notify me if we’re backing up, as I can’t see behind me, if I’m in trouble, I expect my teammates to commit to the fight with me, unless it’s hopeless, and if it’s hopeless, they’d better tell me so I can run too! And I give them the same courtesy.

The problem is that a lot of randoms will run to protect themselves long before they’d stay to help a teammate out, so I play a lot more cautious when I’m not with people I can trust.


No joke. Playing incursion a few days ago. I suddenly realized I was alone and getting mauled. I’m all offended like:

"Where’d everybody go?"
The reply: "We’re all dead."
Me: “oh…”


lol, my friends: “We’re all dead.”

Me: “Yeah, why couldn’t you tell me? It’s not like you’re busy…”

Half my friends are retired pros in some game or another though, so I give them crap for forgetting how communication works once they got old haha

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Then I must applaud you. It;s heartening and a breath of fresh air round here to see a player actually working on getting better instead of blaming character balance or servers or surrenders, whatever.

But yeah, all of us I think had that opening nervous attack, I know I did day one, but I settled down and let my psychotic tactical mind take over. Now I just sit back and go

" Evil me?"
" yes Crucible? whats up?"
" Battleborns on, wanna take over?"
" Oh most certainly am I allowed to reck noobs?"
" Maybe but don’t act like a ass ok?"
" Oh my pleasure please sit and have a glass of fine red whilst I go on a epic rampage of tactical dominance and nightmarish godlike skill"
" yeah whatever I need a nap wake me when we need to walk the dog"

What? Doesn’t everyone have a slightly evil psychotic alter ego that takes over during tactical situations? Stop staring at me. :acmlol:


Lol, I need one of those.

You know people say that to me a lot and I’m now realizing there might be a market for em…hrmmmm…

cue stupid infomercial music

Howdy friends. Your Buddy Crucible here with something you need. Are you a gamer? Do you suffer from anxiety and lack of tactical dominance? do you ever feel lonely in your own head and just want a brain hug?

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But wait theres more! Buy one and I’ll send you the new "My little evil pony! for all your younger gaming needs. They are cute, adorable and 100% bat poop evil. Watch as your 4 year old suddenly awakens the inner evil and masters the fine art of counter sniping while moving from cover! marvel as your K/D ratio skyrockets! Sigh with glee as your adroable evil friend murders the ever loving crap oput of that obnoxious troll who spammed the surrender button then destroys the video evidence for you!

All this can be yours today for the low price of 19.95 plus shipping and handling.

-Side ffects may include evil laughter, hearing voices and plots for global domination and conquest, not available in Rome.


I’ll take three.


I appreciate your opinion and respectfully disagree, I think the game has very good balance and the nerfs to Gali have put her in line with the other heroes. I despise Marquis and he is super annoying but he is not out of balance, he’s just playing his role as a sniper. There are plenty of ways to play around him. Matchmaking also seems fine IMO, you win some, you lose some, that’s the nature of pvp. I’ve been on winning streaks where I’ve won like 7 matches in a row and I’ve had nights where my team doesn’t win a single match. That’s life.

So, you feels like a traitor that sided with the enemy only for power, victory and money ?

A guy that asked more for his defection because he thought that he was important but he only received threats instead ?

I don’t understand your comparison…

It’s quite simple,

Gearbox reminds me of the Western Army: Unique, Talented, but tragic.

Other companies that like to eat your wallet remind me of The Eastern Army: Crafty, Numerous, and ordained by Fate ( the gamers).

Annnnd when it comes down to it side with Tadakatsu Honda… Dudes scary as hell :smile:

Got nothing on Lu Bu… they should add Lu Bu and Darth vader as DLC


Holy ■■■■ people chill the f out. The game hasn’t even been out a month and there has been 3 balance patches already, and they have promised weekly hotfixes and tuning. They are still pulling in data from the player base since release, and are not knee jerk over-underbuffing things but taking the balancing slowly as they should. Ranked and draft pick is not implemented yet because they are taking their time balancing the game. Sorry to say it but you need to not be an instant gratification and perhaps you need to work on your own skill level at the game instead of bitching about it. Maybe you’re just not good. Maybe you need to actually hook up your mic and communicate with your team. Maybe give the developers a little bit of time and not expect perfection less than a month after launch for what is a MOBA. League of Legends, the most popular moba in the world, has about 25 patches or more per year, over 5 years, and is a still evolving game. Battleborn has promised 52/year. Not all will be major changes like today’s patch as they have to go thru Sony and Microsoft approvals for the big changes, but balancing dmg and healing numbers on a weekly basis is going to happen, and I prefer a slower approach to balance as opposed to straight up nerfing things to the ground and then bringing them back up. Yes, galilea is strong, but she has been getting hit slowly over time so as not to completely take her out of viability. Is she still strong, yes. Is she unbeatable, no. But any team that works well together and coordinates will stomp you.

TL;DR: stop bitching and comparing this to a game that looks similar but plays nothing like it, learn the game, get better, get gear, stop whining and give the developers time, they are committed to making this a great game and have created an excellent starting point.

So you’re first reaction to someone voicing legitimate complaints is to simply tell them to stfu? That’s some logic, who are you to tell someone to stop doing anything, people can compare apples to oranges or roses to dung if you don’t like it that’s on you. It’s not about getting better when there were clear issues in the game what type of argument IS that, same people said that about phoebe and ambra facestomping entire teams… “get better noob” it’s a response that requires no critical thinking and jut a way to vent at people who have their reasons at disliking aspects of the game. So before you go rambling and just pointlessly telling people to ‘stop bitching’ won’t you read their points and try to at least bring perspective that contributes instead of ‘Stfu i like this game how dare u talk bad about it’ trope.