I'm starting to feel like Additional Shields, Cooldown Reduction, and Skill damage is the way to go for Deandre

I’ve spent maybe 30 or so games playing Deande using Attack damage and attack speed gear pieces. But it honestly didn’t feel right. I couldn’t kill anyone before they killed me.

Getting the additional damage on thrown fans along with Attack Damage and Attack Speed gear pieces felt good for a ‘ranged’ Deande, but then why wouldn’t I just play an actual ranged character?

So I spent another 25 or so games playing Deande using Skill Damage, Cooldown Reduction, and additional shield capacity. Why? To use her as a hit and run ‘assassin’ with Burst Dash.

Calculated Risk: Burst Dash Draws power from Deande’s shield reserves, granting bonus damage. Burst Dash show breaks deande’s shield on activation. +50% current shield as Damage.

Burst Brawler: Increases Burst Dash Damage. +15% Damage.

Energized: Reduces Burst Dash’s cooldown Tmer. 25% cooldown reduction

Deft Hands: A portion of damage dealt by Burst Dash penetrates enemy shields. +50 Shield Penetration for Burst Dash.

All of these together really do make Burst dash quite strong. Though if you do want to go this route, I’ve so far found that the default Burst Dash attack is better than the AOE form you get from the Ground Zero helix. Also Calculated Risk makes getting additional shield capacity doubly good for Deande. Not only will the additional shield from your gear piece improve your survival but half of what it gives you will be added onto Burst Dash’s damage out put.

That’s actually rather strong since the average shield capacity you can get off of a gear piece is around 100 or so. So that alone is another 50 damage atop of your burst dash (If the piece gives you 100. Its more when its past 100) when you take Calculated risk and use Burst dash while having full shields.

There’s also her passive which states “For 3 seconds after unlocking, ALL of deande’s skills and attacks deal 25% additional damage.” So that’s yet even more damage being stacked onto Burst Dash when you use it after uncloaking.

Seriously, give it a shot. You cloak in, Burst dash who ever, then simply run away to throw fans. Repeat until you win. Its actually fairly fun and I’ve yet to really die as much compared to trying to melee people down when I used the Attack Damage and Attack Speed gear pieces to take advantage of her Uppercut mutation.


Fun fact: there’s a legendary that deals damage to surrounding enemies when shield is popped that works beautifully with this.

I’ve yet to nab that one myself. Sadness.

I got it from one of the three packs that came with the firstborn edition. Thought it was a garbage legendary and debated selling it since I really don’t like shield regen delay gear. If it helps, I do believe it’s of the Rogue faction, so it’ll drop from their packs.

Great, glad you found something that works for you! Personally I go with health regen and pure attack speed! Its awesome with her uppercut and fans. I think if they were to add a helix that increases her attack speed by 20% she would be amazing.

I tried the whole Uppercut strat and I was just dying too much.

With the whole “Spam Burst dash then run away”, I found myself dying a lot less while still getting a generous amount of assists and a couple of kills.

That Burst Dash strat probably yields less kills than a melee focused Deande, but its still very annoying for the enemy team to deal with lol. Lots of burst damage out of nowhere, either straight up killing people or setting them up to be killed by your team.