I'm still confused and actually getting very angry, as a fan

No offense, but that is boring as hell. There is a difference between being powerful and feeling powerful. Regardless of TTK, there are somethings that just feel better and psychologically people like to see big numbers. (Sorta like if you ask someone: Which is heavier, 5 pounds of bricks or 5 pounds of feathers? They both weigh the same, but people trip up on this riddle all the time.) Things like Galilea’s 5 IDtGA beams feel more “Badass”, ISIC’s 2 second stun feels much more rewarding than its current duration, having a 12 second Blight feels much better that a 7 second one, etc…

I want to butt my head against a Badass, win, rip his throat out and drink his blood. Because I know I just defeated something worthy of my respect, and not a brain dead primary Thrall that died to one Ambra tick.

And the legendary argument isn’t a good one either. Not every one has them, and even if I run 1 legendary and 2 purples, on some maps I’m level 7 before I activate all of them. And that’s only if I’m an ■■■■■■■ and starve the rest of the team. Most maps you’d be lucky to activate your first legendary before level 5.

And the ISIC part is some weird interaction with passives that add extra skill damage onto your primary. As it only really happens with Marquis and Ghalt, but I can pump out much more DPS with Gally and his health ticks down like normal and no where near as fast.

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Play as Toby, for he will be forever strong in the story. Gearbox and i have an unspoken agreement that, if they leave him alone nerf-wise (aside from his Double Hug, for which i give my consent), then i won’t drown Gearbox Headquarters in its own blood.

…Of course, when i say “unspoken agreement”, i really mean that i assume they both know and agree to these terms.


I’m still playing, two accounts at 105 and started a third account, but can’t say I’m enjoying it. The game is so slanted towards what PVP players want that it’s ruining PVE.

Thought I could hold out for the update, but don’t see much in it that will improve the PVE experience. None of the updates, including the one dropping next year, have addressed PVE player requests.

Guess I will have to finally accept that this game heavily emphasizes PVP to the detriment of PVE and move on. It does make me sad though.

Have kid ultra stack some drone with damage amp on him

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Then have him use his ult. It basically becomes a 1 hit kill kamehameha wave. GGs boss fight

@RedX I decided to do an Algorithm run after talking about it.

@khimerakiller how does this compare to your time with Galilea?

Edit: this was in Advanced.


Ok…note to self…use Marquis to finish the Algorithim in advanced…possibly advanced-hardcore

I didn’t die that run so hardcore would be quite do able

You all should try this

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Jeez that’s why too much damage. How ISIC was able to become a BB playable character is a mystery after a beating like that.

…She’s my main, my reference was related to the recent nerf notes.

Yeah that is what I’m talking about. Your normal shots do nothing and the 123 boosted ones chunk off like 10% of his health each. It’s the weird interaction I was talking about.

Not even day one Galilea can kill ISIC that fast. My earlier post may have been phrased wierd.

EDIT: Should be fixed.

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I appreciate the optimistic spirit here but the sense of loss brought by even a small nerf to a pve main is a tough turd to polish. Taking away skill is often a poor and boring way of increasing challenge in a pve environment. Much better to make enemies more demanding but keep character abilities dynamic. I understand completely that balance is important but it’s hard not to be depressed by a sense of reduction, particularly when you’re there to have the most dramatic interaction with robots possible.


Sure, but I never argued that it wasn’t likely to be used by new players… Just that it’s not useful. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ambra’s beam is a PVP weapon. In PVE, it helps to think of it as like Mell’s alt melee and venom. Yes, you can try to play Mell by applying venom to your enemies and then meleeing them to death - after all, this is how those abilities are supposed to interact. But unfortunately, despite that being the most complete use of her basic skill set, it’s also by far the less effective. You’re always better off just shooting.

Ditto heat management with Ambra. Her beam is quite slow to build heat, and you incur a serious DPS loss while doing it. The modest damage gain to Scorching Strikes that comes with heat is not enough to compensate - you’re always better served critting thralls in their slobbery moronic faces. If you need to heal, it’s always better to drop and charge a Sunspot, which hits multiple enemies as well and applies Sunspotter damage amp.

To make the beam even more pointless, Ambra has two other sources of heat generation that don’t reduce DPS at all: Solar Wind (most effective as Ritual, which should fill the bar with two good pounds within a pack of enemies) and the Shard of Jennar, which in PVE can be activated very early on. So while using the beam to play heat resource management is clever and commendable, it’s just like venom melee with Mellka - a lot of work to be significantly less powerful.

That’s why I’m not sure how Ambra can be considered nerfed in PVE. She is stronger, actually, than she’s ever been, because Sunspots are heavily buffed these days and she can refresh them in an instant. And she still has her fireballs, which aren’t quite suited for getting high scores, but which are otherwise one of the very best projectiles in PVE. She’s a top damage, top healing powerhouse… and the beam never comes into it.

Now whether this would be easier for new players of the triggers were swapped, maybe, sure. But I figured much of it out on my first play with her, and I’m certain I’m not alone :wink: (granted, it doesn’t work as well until you’ve unlocked Repulsion / Stellar Ritual / Radiant Halberd / Shard of Jennar - Ambra really needs her full set to reach her potential.)

I think Balancing out gameplay and mechanics that see fit to those who are already veteran level skilled dedicated players and also the newer or more normal/average everyday player is probably more difficult than we make it out to be

Or in other words it’s hard to please the need of the many that praise and yearn for these changes because of Pvp whereas these changes would displease the many/few that dedicate or just flat out play PVE

We all know that but bein a veteran, I kinda see how some of the things that make us happy always in turn really sucks for some other people. Nonetheless, Battleborn is great

I can confirm that PvE is more difficult solo than it once was. This has been a long standing problem from day one and has only gotten worse with time. I’m not saying that the game is too hard. With the slapdash prologue and the first mission after that being very difficult in parts especially for a melee character. Also I don’t think the algorithm is a very accurate representation of what the rest of the game is like. If I just bought this game and wanted to play Rath as my fist pick and decided to “take it easy” and start slow with a solo story mission. I would have no gear throwing crossblades at isic’s fat head if I managed to make it that far. I would probably end up throwing my stuff around the house in a rage first. Idk how I managed, looking back, and it’s even harder now. I understand that the game is meant to be played with others but if there is a mode available to play it should be playable that way.


I was playing on a coop game one day and someone say you suk to me and i was new at it and i still need someone from here to play with me i have the game on the xbox one and im still mad at the game too. The game lag on me and i like the game too.