I'm stuck and need a little help

I am level 67 Siren in UVHM and doing Tiny Tina’s DLC. When I get to the Mines of Avarice and go along the railway track I get into a battle with the Orcs. Most of these I have killed, except for one, the Duke of Orc. This foe has the skull above it with the number 71. Does this mean that I have to wait until I am level 71 before I can move through this area or have I missed something? After slagging and unloading a level 66 DPUH the damage bar hardly moves.

If it is a case of running through the area, how do I get the crumpets in the main Orc village area with the Duke of Orc on top of me?



He’s the one that levels up (kind of like Goliath -> Godliath). The max level is +5 over the player so no, waiting to level up isn’t going to help.

There are two three strategies you can employ:

  1. Kite him around the pit in the middle of the camp, keeping an eye out for his leaping slam attacks
  2. Retreat back along the mine cart track along the cliff edge; there’s a spot towards the entrance end where you can drop down to a lower cliff out of range of his attacks and just blast him from there. Stock up on ammo first though…
  3. Start the game, get him to spawn in, then have a higher level player drop in with OP gear and wax the guy

[quote=“knighm, post:1, topic:1555939”]This foe has the skull above it[/quote]I forgot that was a thing. That skull is just an indicator that the enemy that has it is sufficiently higher than you in level, and is a warning to that effect. Slaying a Duke of Orc is a rite of passage for players of Tina’s DLC because it is hard. It took quite a while before I killed my first. @VaultHunter101’s advice is sound though.

Alternately, since you’re doing the crumpet mission, one of the crumpets is up at the end of the rail track. When you get there, the mine cart will come loose, and go rolling down the tracks. Anything it hits will die, including the Duke of Orc. It’s a hairy run regardless (because you need to trigger the cart yourself with him right behind you without getting killed yourself), but he’ll die instantly, you can clean up the remaining Orcs, and be on your way.


Thanks for this information. If a player with OP gear drops in to the game will all foes in the Mines of Avarice then be at the higher difficulty? This crossed my mind as the Duke of Orc is right at the start of a very large mission area. In the few co-op games I have been in the difficulty always is at the highest levelled player. If this is the case, if I dropped out of co-op play back to solo would the enemy difficulty then revert back to my level?


If you’re the host, and the high level player drops in after you’ve spawned the Duke and leaves before you go on to the next area, you should be ok. If they stay in the game then yes, things will get hairy.

I’d actually considered mentioning the mine car that @Adabiviak brought up, but it is tricky. If the Duke isn’t right on your tail when you head in there, you’ll be trapped with the Duke at the entrance. Anyway, good luck! It is possible, but it’s a tough fight.


You also don’t have to kill the Duke, you can run past that area. Otherwise, bee shield and the Harold and a lot of kiting.

Yeah, after my first couple of insta-deaths that was my strategy :laughing:

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