Im stuck in Deck 13 1/2 and i cant get out, help

I loaded the new DLC to see if the levels would be my rank, but they are all 30, and i am only a 15… Is there any way for me to leave this area. I tried joining other peoples games and completing missions in hopes that it would load me into a different area. Any help is appreciated :smiley:

Ug, tough break. If you can’t run past them you would probably need someone on level or higher to join your game, and get you to a fast travel (It’s not that far up), so you can get out.

i fixed. i just joined a random and completed my mission. back in concordia

i am also stuck, having trouble joining/connecting a match. Can someone offer assistance out of here… very frustrating

Hey, I would recommend you attempt to join someone who is on the same mission you’re on, or a lower mission. Once the mission is over ask them to travel to Concordia. Once you’re travel there, exit their session, and start your solo story. You should resume in Concordia. Hopefully that helps, Goodluck.