I'm stuck on Chapter 17 Blood Drive

I finished Chapter 16 and was progressing to Chapter 17 Blood Drive and got soft locked somehow. The transmission will start but no visual on the intercom screen. When the transmission ends Lilith will stand there still looking at where the transmission should be and does nothing.

Do I need to restart the game? If so will I keep my current level (30) or will I start back at level 1?

Sometimes the game just needs a reboot.

Unless there is something very wrong with your game files, you shouldn’t have to worry about losing progress. I’m not any kind of Gearbox authority or anything, but I’ve had things like that happen in my games before, and resetting usually took care of it.

What I’m more curious about is how you went from lvl 1 to lvl 30 in one sitting during the main story. :stuck_out_tongue:

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When I play games like this I kill everything. I was level 28 when it glitched. I noticed that the mission was level 30 I went and gained 2 levels hoping it would fix it.

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The mission lvl doesn’t have much bearing on anything other how difficult it could be for you to complete it. The mission itself may reset, but your character should be fine.


I just tried starting a new game with my Siren and it was trying to make me start all the way back to lvl 1. That’s the last thing I want to do cause I’ll lose all of my current Legendries…

Like I said, I’m not Gearbox technical support. I can only tell you what’s worked for me in the past. It seems like there’s an issue with your cloud saving, and to deal with that you’d need to contact tech support.

“Restart the game” means quit and re-launch, then continue with the save file you were using before.

If you select New Game in the menu, you’re creating a new save file - it shouldn’t affect any existing save files, even for the same character. Note that if you have multiple save files you can switch between them before hitting the Continue option. You can give each save file character a different name at any Quick Change station.

Did you change any settings or add any over-rides in the launcher? Was there at least audio? When the game first launched there were issues with video on screens not playing, but you’re already way past the first time that happens in the game (the cause was not having the video codec installed on systems running an ‘N’ version of Windows).

Your gear will either be in the Bank Vault on the Sanctuary III (shared across all your save files) or in your character’s backpack/gear slots whenever you resume a particular save game.


I think it got fixed somehow cause I was able to continue with the quest line when I reloaded my Siren. I’ll let you guys know if it happens again. Thank you for your time! :raised_hands: