I'm thinking of starting a protest group against snow

Baarg I’m sick all these constant storms, the snow, the cold and the stupid arctic blasts that rip at your face like millions of rabid rusty razors. Our county set a record cold for itself this week at 2 degrees and -15 with windchill. If that was the end of it I probably wouldn’t be so disgusted but this afternoon I get home after an overnight trip to Bergenfield NJ and I need to shovel the entire driveway again after just clearing it a day ago… sure that’s not that big of a deal usually but thanks to whoever plowed the road I’ve got to deal with 2.5 feet of ice and snow at the end of the drive that became so heavy that the shovel was starting to warp from the weight, so thanks plow guy.

After that is done I go in, turn the TV on and the first thing I hear on the news is “A new system is heading our way and it’s going to bring a ton of snow and it’ll be the coldest arctic system yet”. It’s like every other day there’s a major snow storm pooping on us FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU leave me alone.

I hereby protest snow forever and ever and ever forever. The first flake I see, I’m gonna be out there showing that snow who’s boss. Who’s with me? :bomb:

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Yeah! Let’s fight nature! What can possibly go wrong?!

Nothing, nothing at all. I PUNCH the snow.


I like your attitude!

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Way to go, you punched Canada. Now were I am going to live? :<!

I actually love the snow, but even Ive had enough of it this winter. The bench in my yard has been gone for weeks now, buried under 3 feet of snow. As well as a few bushes.
The snow piles around my driveway are now taller than my car and myself. I cant ■■■■■■■ throw the snow Im shoveling any higher so I really hope the snow is done for the year here in upstate New York.

I can say Ive not seen this much snow, and so fast, until now.

Atleast punch it towards the Netherlands!

The snow isn’t as bad here in Southern Ontario, but we are under a very nasty cold spell… Sunday’s chill was around -40C, witch caused a water line to break in the mall… an 8 hour shift went overtime to 11 hours… lol. Got some minor frost nip too on the lips and legs :frowning: .

And funny enough, I go to the mall on Tuesdays to get bugs for my Chameleon, since that’s when the shipment comes in. Just as I check out… the floor of the pet store started to get covered in water… water line break #2! At least I wasn’t on lol! I still helped in minor ways though, had to show the pet store employee how to use their wet/dry vac, and got customer service to call the co workers down.

A main water line also bust in the city. Think that area has had no water for a few days now. Cold overpowered…

We’ve had no bursting water pipes thankfully, but it’s freaking snowing again. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFS

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Same here. About to head back out to shovel again. Not sure where I’m even going to put it…

Up here in New England it’s a record setting snow season ahh the work of a snow blower, priceless!!

Weather here in a nutshell: extreme cold warning, extreme cold warning, followed by… extreme cold warning! My asthma has a big sad now :<

LOL I hear ya!!

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I’ve mentioned that the shovel almost broke a few times, well today it finally snapped… literally. That’s a metal grip and it just broke.

The lamppost looks like a freaking Conehead. :c

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Yep looks like home to me lol, the questions are when will it end, I’d say spring is around the corner.:slight_smile:

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Hey man, I like snow. I get to stay home and work.

greatly approves +25,000,000