Im trying to do a "no deaths" run, wish me luck. any tips, anyone ever done this before successfully?

As long as I don’t get hit by a vehicle, eat one of my own grenades, die from DoT after killing the last mob, or falling off a random ledge, i should be OK.

I’m playing as Axton. He’s the most survivable, and my favorite. I’m setting myself up for disappointment, I know, but here I go! Good luck, me!


Good sure to keep use update. I’ve tried this run before with little success

Bahroo did it as Sal a year ago I think (although I can’t remember whether it was solo or coop). Don’t know if anyone else has done it yet. Best of luck though!

[quote=“Column, post:1, topic:1291050”]I’m setting myself up for disappointment, I know[/quote]Dude, Axton is great, you got this. What playthrough? Main story only? BAR on? Only playing with drops?

I’ve done this as Krieg, using the middle skills, wasn’t that hard.

BAR are on. I did GiB myself some purple gear, one of each type of weapon (but not one of each brand of each type of weapon), one of each type of shield and grenades too, mostly for challenges and such. I occasionally load my save back into gib to sync my weapons but other then that I’m on my own.

I tried before and I always seem to die from the environment more then actually enemies. Getting hit by bandit vehicles and exploding barrels are usual what does it.

Mostly just because over the years I’ve come to use certain non legendary gear… And it’s just easier to GiB it and keep it synced then spend hours upon hours regarding for the same pieces of gear. I like my incendiary barking snider.

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@Column @Piemanlee
Can’t talk about that program, as it’s cheating. And cheating is wrong mmkay?

Can’t talk about what program? I’ve no idea what you mean. None at all. Must’ve been a type. What I meant was that I’d rather not refarm equipment, but farming can be fun too. Yup.

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It always amuses me how much people care about how other people play a single player game that has nothing to do with them. This game is entirely PvE without any sort of competitive aspect, and doesn’t even have a leaderboard, so how other people play this game on their own time has literally zero effect on me and my personal time spent playing this game. If someone has more fun shooting a predetermined set of guns and uses an external program to get said guns, they are not affecting anyone else, so there is zero point to censorship.

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Though I agree with you, the thread will probably be locked if this conversation continues. So in the interest of the thread, it’s best to leave it be.

If you can also avoid the following things, you’ll be fine:
bitten by skags
stomped by bullymongs
slapped by threshers
shot by bandits
shot by robots
hit by varkids


Not entirely - you can duel other players. As for why some things are forbidden, blame Microsoft and Sony for not allowing certain programs according to their Terms of Service. Still, that’s a debate for another thread.

You might as well just stay in Clappy’s place. :dukejk:

Oh you people all chill. It’s almost as bad as saying you use an action replay to get legendaries on Pokemon lol. Everyone wants you to trade then one, but then they call you a cheater.

If it means anything to anyone I don’t have internet at home and can’t play online. I would never do anything to take away from someone else’s enjoyment of a game.

Sorry. Wasn’t trying to start a discussion about it. Just wanted to state my opioion.

It’s cool, opinions are fine. Just don’t want anyone getting into a fight and getting my thread locked!

I read the rules lol. Not trying to get it locked.

Personally I love personalization. And so does Randy. But it is explicitly banned by the console lords, and since gearbox has to play nice, we can’t talk about it here. There was a much more in depth explanation on the old forums…

Didn’t get to play much today. Made it to Sanctuary safely though. Swapped out my Maliwan Sniper for a Maliwan SMG. Got a funeral to go to tomorrow that’s a two hours trip each way, so I won’t get to play much again tomorrow either. But I plan on doing all the side mission up to Hunting the Fire Hawk. So the Doc Mercy one, Assassinate the Assassins, repower the Happy Pig motel and the package delivery ones. I try to do all of those in one big shebang. Ok then. Good luck me!

Update: Sad news. I was on the second assassin when one of his suicide psycho minions exploded next to me and tosses me right into the big gaping hole in the middle of the area. Wow. Took a break, had some dinner, started over. Just beat Midgemong, again, so in the morning I’ll redo Flynt and get to Sanctuary. This is going to be a looong endeavor.

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