I'm very excited for the next lvl cap increase

I’m excited because we may be able to get a cool build that has click click drowning in brass AND the final capstone in blue tree. Its gunna be dope


This is what i’m planning on running if we get to level 60:


Drowning in Brass + Some for the Road + Short Fuse + Experimental Munitions. Pair it up with a blast master and you have a build that works in the bear (thanks to todays buffs) and outside of bear

Is there another level cap increase on the horizon? This is about where they stopped in BL2 (enough points to get two capstones and partway down a third tree) before they went to Overpower levels (higher levels without more skill points).

I prefer green monster since it has blast master affect as well personally.

I’m sure if next dlc doesnt have it then the one after will probably atleast be lvl 60-63

doesn’t the splash bonus from green monster have some insane restriction? Like, as soon as you let off the trigger you immediately lose the splash bonus?

Yea but beastmaster also has that restriction for reloading. You can def go without ever reloading on green monster as long as regen and ammo rate is perfect. Also click click is BUSTED now

The restriction on Blast Master is not the same as the restriction on Green Monster. It’s pretty easy to never reload with a good Blast Master build.

How do you go about never letting off the trigger with Green Monster?

GM is far more restrictive than BM. As soon as you tap the trigger again, the bonus resets. Same with reloading, going into FFYL, switching weapons, and climbing ledges.


Moze deep in the Bottomless Mags tree with Vladof/CoV gear (and others, as you use COMs/Relics to enhance magazine size to a point where her ammo regen/refill capacity outpaces her fire rate).

A Burzum (alien barrel assault rifle) for example makes it very easy to lock on to crits for perma Redistribution which really helps, and then the corrosive numbers start flowin’.

Very easy as long as u dint have low mag guns pretty much like BM just cant switch guns but I dont run builds that really require gun shifts

If they are gonna include more level caps raises, they might as well allow us 3 capstones.

Personally I’d like for players to be limited with either 2 capstones or 1 capstone (skills are scatted to 3 trees). It promotes creativity and imposes limits than having 3 capstones or 2 capstones with extra points on 3rd tree.

Edit: Sure having extra points will make Moze stronger. I can argue having 3 capstones will make her even stronger. And someone can argue having 4 capstones are even stronger. I hope people are seeing where this lame argument is going.

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Ok this isnt about having 3 caps tones though just literally like 3 or 4 more points and I’d be happy. They arent going to do full capstone level pretty sure they have said that. Feel like more levels can make more creativity in some cases

Mayhem 2.0 is basically the replacement for overpower levels.

We’re only at 2/4 story DLC on the season pass. It’s a very, very safe assumption that the level cap will increase again within the next 6 months.

As long as they provide these farm events, we should be able to compensate at least the wasted time from refarming. I am hoping as well there will be new guns to farm on Mayhem 2.0

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