I'm very sad there is no splitscreen in the PC version

and i don’t understand why the developers wouldn’t include it. Just like the borderlands 1 remaster, which added 4 player splitscreen that was absent in the pc version. It is so frustrating seeing something as awesome as that announced and then being excluded just because i play on pc.

Have you got confirmation from somewhere that its not coming to PC? I know there is no chance for it to come to PC.

they’ve been silent about it, but i’m 100% sure it will be just like the remaster, they show the splitscreen but when you go play on pc, its nowhere to be found.

Man, I wanted split-screen so much, but number of people who want split-screen on PC is tiny and on top of that other people constantly on about “I dont play split-screen in my tiny monitor, why would you?”, just annoys me the most.

yeah, i mean, you can just connect your PC on your TV you know, pretty much any modern tv has a hdmi slot and monitors nowadays can be huge too, i think its a disservice to the PC community excluding local coop. there is a ton of great split screen games on pc like outward, left 4 dead 2, the lego series, etc.

Split-screen on console, because you can have multiple players signed in on the same console at the same time. Steam apparently does not allow this? That’s what I remember being given as the reason for it not being in the PC version of BL2 anyway.

So you are telling me there is no steam game you can play split-screen on PC? Also, the game is coming to Epic first, so I don’t see how steam’s “restriction” can be an issue here.

On PC applications normally will only run in 1 instance on a single machine unless you do a bit of extra legwork. Clients like steam only sign a single account in at a time. Split screen works if there is no account related attachment. As such split screen on PC would only allow characters on 1 person’s account. This may work for some but for a majority of people it wouldn’t because they would want their own character off their own account.

Also couch co-op is far less of a thing on PC. LAN parties are far more common for local co-op.

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Thanks, was waiting for someone like you to chime in.

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Adding to this is the fact that, while yes, controllers are used and viable for PC Gaming, the Keyboard and Mouse are the most common method, and it’s very difficult, as far as I’ve been told, to run two separate, independent mouse tracking situations.

I use a steam controller (so day one on epic is gonna be a headache as I set it up), which has a track pad and gyro function as a mouse.

The only reason there is no split-screen on PC is devs dont think its worth it. As simple as that, no matter how hard we try to beat around the bush and pile up other “excuses”, the main reason is devs don’t care. Why would they care, where some players who wont even use this feature, dont care for this feature but are sure to voice their strong opinion against it. Its pathetic.

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there is no problem having a bunch of characters in only a persons account and its not a excuse not to have splitscreen on pc. and yeah, i went to a lot of lan parties but i also went to lot of “splitscreen” parties, where i plug my pc on the tv and me and my friends play with 4 controllers.

sammantixbb, what do you even mean be running 2 separe mouse tracking situations? you dont plug another mouse and keyboard when playing splitscreen, you plug one (or multiple) controllers, so its not really an argument i think.

My guess? It’s one of those outlier things. Gearbox have to weigh up the investment (in terms of how much dev time to devote to it) against expected returns (how much extra revenue it would generate).
I think it’s kinda borderline.

im pretty sure the source code is very similar in ps4/xbox one/pc versions of the game, if not identical, making a simple same-account coop option for pc could be done in a blink of an eye.

And then you run into the hardware variations, resolution differences, etc etc.

In my experience what seems simple and quick, rarely is.


Sadly, this isn’t Atomic Bomberman where 2 people could share the same keyboard, and play together, or against each other without LAN or anything. And I honestly can’t say if BL3 would handle 2 mice and keyboards at the same time. It mechanically doesn’t work the same as controllers.

Why I have a feeling people commenting here with their “logical argument” of why split-screen is not on PC has never played a split-screen game on PC?

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i know right, i can’t even tell if the “2 mice and 2 keyboard on the same pc wont work!!!” ~argument~ is ironic or not.


I’m not saying it’s impossible. I’m saying that it’s borderline viable to spend the time (which i guarantee will be longer than we think) doing it.