I'm Wondering what to expect from Battleborn

I’t’s a few day’s day’s before battleborn comes out.
I got a few Questions,

  1. Will Battleborn have Borderland franchise style Free Roam in Battleborn Campain? I love to run around Grinding for hours on end killing is fun.

  2. Will Battleborn be different from Borderlands franchise and introduce daily misions? You know misions that do not go away like Borderlands 2 Raid on Digerstruct peck for expample…

  3. What is the best way to help team mates out in Battleborn?
    I know Milko is a team Healer but is that the only team way to help For example,
    Borderlands 2 Salverdore has ammo regeneration for the Whole team and
    GTA 5 as a VIP you can give the whole team Money or in Battleborn tearms a shard buff.
    Sure ammo never runs out in Battleborn but my point is if I play as a attacker and not a healer
    is there a Team helper we can use to help out the whole team for attacking like a power buff?

  4. Your chatator skill tree needs to be reselected as you play every mision. Please tell me this is not so because I don’t want to unlock Ledenargy gear at the end of a mision only to start the next mision
    and all my hardwork has been reset back to zero. Someone needs to explain this to me or I will be sticking to white gear that has no shards to use it.

  5. Is there going to be end game content? Borderlands 2 gives you end game weapons that you can
    only get from compleating the whole game. Destiny game unlocks so many End game misions that
    You think the end of the game is realy only the begining.

  6. No one at Gearbox from what I have seen so far has put there hand up to say what is the first 5
    default charators at the start of the campain are. What are they please?

  7. If I have a high level charator and make a new charator then delete the old high level charator
    will my low level charator have anything from the high level charator like command Rank or player rank or will deleting the old high level charator make every thing go down to your lowest level charator?

  8. Will there be any form of Trading from player to player in Battleborn like sharing too many shards
    with a low level guy to help them out or if I come across some gear that I will never use as its for a chartator I dislike but its too good to distroy that Ledgenary can I give that gear to my mate?

  9. I bought the full game as a DLC and it came with season pass and all the DLC packs.
    Can my buddies play with me if I have downloaded the DLC packs? I know I can’t take them into DLC maps but some games will not let non DLC people multiplay with people who own DLC’s.

  10. If you Charator gets stuck on a map or heaven forbid gets glitched out of a map, this crap happends to people in Fable games chatators got traped inside rocks ingame LOL. Will Battleborn have a Elder Scrolls style Get me out of here option?

  11. One last Question. In both Borderlands 1 and 2 over a very long time saves get corrupted for unexplainable reasons. Can we delet everything to have a fresh start or is it permernant like
    Destiny game.

Hope you enjoyed reading my questions.
Can some of you please answer some of my questions if your Gearbox Terms or Disclosure alows you.
Thank you.

Some of your answers are on these forums. Others, you will have to wait for when the game is released.

Based on the beta…
I’m going to assume that you didn’t play the Open Beta, but that’s ok.

  1. No Free Roam. All Campaign missions are individual and episodic, like a multiplayer match (in terms of joining a lobby, finding players, playing through to completion, etc; NOT to say the missions aren’t related)

  2. I don’t THINK there will be daily missions, but that’s my opinion.

  3. The only way to directly “Help” teammates is to support them with Miko, Ambra, etc. But Killing enemies or building things is a fine method of support, if you ask me. (Also, you can revive your teammates for a short while after they “die”)

  4. Your character has 10 helixes (talent choices). These must be selected during every match as you level up. Your gear is “permanent” and will stick with you throughout your Battleborn career

  5. I don’t think there is “end-game” content, per say, but there are probably certain gear items that are received by beating all missions/the final mission

  6. (Thanks, Derch) Default are Miko, Oscar Mike, Orendi, Montana, Rath

  7. This question doesn’t make sense with the way Battleborn works.

  8. I don’t think there will be any sharing

  9. DLC Maps (for competitive mode) are free for everyone. The will not be able to play the DLC campaign missions.

  10. unknown

  11. Saves are incorruptible because they are kept on (and maintained by) Gearbox servers. There are no local servers/saves.

No. Campaign missions (as based on the open beta) are fairly tightly defined by the map and checkpoints; if you revisit a mission, you’re basically playing it again.

You start at the same level each time you play either campaign, PvE, or PvP, and choose one of two skills each time you level up. It’s only binary choices each time, so not really a big deal.

Gear goes in load-outs, and you can select one load-out during character select. This is based on character/command level which are persistent stats INDEPENDENT of the in-game level of your helix (i.e. skills). It’s very different in this respect to BL games.

It doesn’t work that way. You have one profile, with a Command Rank. As you play, you gain Character ranks. At certain points, you unlock additional characters up to the initial 25 available (and apparently 5 more later on.) You only have one instance of each character. This will make more sense if you play the game!

I imagine that you will either not get grouped in a PvE or PvP match with players who lack a map, or the map will simply not be an option. That’s my guess based on the way the game type and map selection screens came up in the beta, anyway.

The couple of times I went off the map, it was insta-death. In multiplayer, my character got repositioned in “revive me” stance on the nearest edge inside the map. There were accounts of players finding themselves in odd locations, but there wasn’t anything in the beta to deal with that. I think the intention is to avoid such things happening, and patch where necessary.

Nope you have select missions that are pretty linear they are about 45 mins at the long end 20 on the short once you get used to them.

8 missions to start with built for replay ability so you can try different characters and builds

You have Miko but you also have other supports with shield support, defenders, tanks, crowd controllers, etc… Team Dynamics are much larger in this than in borderlands.

Yes you have 10 levels and every mission you start at one and you get back to level 10 by the end of each map. Takes about 20-40 mins per mission again. Not all is reset because you keep your gear, you keep your command rank and character rank.

You have 3 leveling systems.

  • Command rank unlocks characters, gear, loadouts, etc…
  • Character rank unlocks skins, taunts, and extra helix options
  • Helix rank is your skill tree in missions.

It is very different than borderlands.

Well there is legendary gear but the whole game is kinda endgame, pvp and replay ability is the whole game.[quote=“kennypants, post:1, topic:1378113”]
No one at Gearbox from what I have seen so far has put there hand up to say what is the first 5default charators at the start of the campain are. What are they please?

Mike, Oscar Mike, Orendi, Montana, Rath

You can’t delete characters in this or make new characters. This game is build to play any character you have unlocked on any mission. So mission one you can play thorn, level 2 play oscar mike. It’s made to not be a long grind on one character.

Not right now

The only dlc exclusive maps will be 5 extra story missions. They will not be able to play those with you if they don’t have them as far as I know. PVP maps will be free as well as new characters.

Not that I know of but I have yet to see this in the beta, ctt, or early access

This is permanent but gearbox can fix bad saves, they made the tools.

I made this video that also might help you a bit


Charlestmattson and Derch basically covered it, but I was almost done so I’m posting anyhow! (AAAND the numbers are janky and won’t fix… sorry)

  1. No. The only thing about that campaign I know of is that they are missions that you can complete on various difficulties and have different dialogue each run and depending on the characters taken on the run. That isn’t to say they won’t have secret nooks and crannies you can explore, but no huge free-roam maps.

  2. I do not know about anything other than healing or providing overshields like Reyna. Gear has basically taken the place of abilities like that.

  3. Skill points and levels are reset, but you will hit max level (10) by the end of each mission. Gear sticks around and you can repurchase gear from loadouts with shards you collect in each match.

  4. I don’t think so, but I’m unsure. I imagine random legendary equipment drops will replace that.

6 Montana, Oscar Mike, Orendi, Miko, Marquis, and Rath. Others will be unlockable through completing objectives or ranking up your profile.

7.You can’t delete characters. You can unlock gear, taunts, and skins which will always stick around.

  1. I do not believe so. They have a sell mechanic for gear, but that’s all I know.

  2. IDK, but this game is far from the quality of the Fable games. (note: I adore the Fable games, but I recognize they have plenty of issues)

to elaborate on 7 a little, you do have your own overall command level, that will level up no matter who you play as. my bad, i see that vaulthunter did mention that before, but all good questions for someone who didnt play the beta im assuming

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The starting characters will be Rath, Thorn, Miko, Oscar Mike, Montana, Marquis and Orendi

This to the nth power where n is a very large number. If you go into BB expecting a Borderlands game, you’re going to be disappointed. It is very much its own game. It shares certain design cues with the BL franchise, along with the GBX trademark humour, but that’s about it.

i felt it so similar to borderlands i even want it to be the base for borderlands 3.

ill be fine in borderlands with a short story and more characters to play.

then again i spent around 400 hours on each game, including the presequel and im not even done with some characters.

Those are some extreamly good answers.
Please explane Ledgenary gear.
I know you can put Ledgenarys into loadouts.
I know you can use Ledgenarys if you collect enough Shards.
Please clear up my confusion,
Battleborn campain has 8 misions in story mode.
If I unlock a Ledgenary from my loadout in mision one,
Do I need to reunlock the same Ledgenary in my loadout come mision 2 or part 2?
Like I don’t see the point in not being able to use a Ledgenary unitl the end of any mision and
When you walk into mision 2 or part 2 of the compain and its no longer useable because I need another frigging 300 shards to unlock what I all ready unlock in mision one. Right now from my understanding Ledgenarys are very useless if my understanding is correct.
Please do clear up my confusion.
Thank you

legendaries are actually pretty rare, and yes, you keep them. what you don’t keep is your character level. you level up your player level so to speak.

you can equip up to three itmes, but they are turned off until you collect enough shards, then you chose which one to turn on at the cost of those shards.

SOME legendaries are useless for SOME characters, like “30% shields” and for example, thorn dosen’t use shields, so no effect there.

shard count restart every level so you need to collect shards again. im not sure but a big shard gives you around 100-500 shards, depending on the game mode. Little ones give you around 10. three big shards and some small ones and you have all your equipment up. i may be wrong in numbers because i always get a gear that gives you shards per second, and i end with 5000-10000 shards at the end of each level.

You are right. Every map / round, you start with level 1 and you must earn shards to equip legendaries from the loadout.

I don’t know much about campaign, but in multiplayer, legendaries are awesome and worth that big amounts of crystals…

You’re thinking correctly about how it works, and that is the point. The legendary items give big bonuses so they cost more to unlock therefore you will either have to scavenge really thoroughly or wait till the mission is about halfway over to unlock them.

So in this game when you start a mission you select a loadout (unlocked at level 3 command rank right now). In a loadout you get to have upto 3 items and those items have activations costs ranging from 0-1800 shards. So in a mission you activate them by collecting shards and spending them on your gear or buildables.

Gear has a rarity system not unlike borderlands, white, green, blue, purple, orange. As gear gets more rare and better you have a higher activation cost. So whites are very cheap but only buff one stat, while legionaries can buff 2 stats and have an extra passive ability. The character legendaries for example are 1800 shards which can take a bit to unlock or you can use whites to unlock right away.

Legendaries are not useless because they can be very powerful. But that is the balance of gear. Remember Borderlands was PVE and this is PVP so you cannot have the same kinda crazy gear. Gear cannot be an instant win button.

The cost balance I think is a great mechanic and really offers choice to the system.

for example I have a item that gives me 2 shards a second but reduces my shield capacity, it is white and since it has a negative stat the activation cost is 0. Now I love Thorn and she doesn’t have a shield so I can activate it right away and start gaining shards before a match even starts.

They made white gear relevant, which it was not in borderlands.

I think once you play it you will understand but what you should do is realize that this is not borderlands, not by a long shot. This is battleborn and it is a very different game. Don’t expect borderlands because you will not be happy. Things in this game are very different.

Ok ok if that’s an offical answer I am only going to use White or Green gear loadouts from now on.
I need to use Load outs as soon as possible in PvE I hate not having the use of Loadouts until half way into any mision. In the Beta yes I played it, I keep getting the feeling Stuff my loadout I played half this mision without any loadout this Gag Dam loadout is not worth worrying about. In the Beta Loadouts was more or a unessary pain to worry about then being of any usefulness.
I am truly hoping the full version of Battleborn would make Ledgenarys more useful but the feeback I’m geting from you guys is Forget Ledgenary all together if your into PvE because 90% of the time they will be unuseable for any one :disappointed:

I use Thorns legendary because its amazing and I can usually get it 20% into the mission

I tended to unlock my legendary piece of gear by about halfway through a mission and usually ended with lots of shards still, but it is a risk-reward question everyone has to make. I usually packed a wide range of gear so I had stuff to with 300-1800 shards.

So I use 2 whites with 0 cost and Thorn’s legendary with a cost of 1800. One of my two items is the shards per second and the other in PVE is health regen, pvp I go shield pen.

With this I only need shards for one item. So I can get to that one fast than even lets say 3 blues.

I think its brilliant how they made common gear good, no other games with a rarity system that I know of have done this. So you might prefer greens to legendaries and thats a good thing.

so… green is the new orange? :v