I'ma just run an IB build now

Trying to do maths, and I think you can kinda make a M1 high uptime IB build that works alright with the legendary mod and some explosive weapons.

I was testing it out and you can kill most trash and tank for your friends if you’re smart.

Additionally, the iframes offer safe entry/exit, which can be exploited when being pounded by rockets if you plan ahead.

Finally, it’s not the playstyle we all wanted from adverts, but it’s fun, and that’s the point. If the idea is that they’re improving IB over the next few months, I imagine as I learn to effectively use him at this level, when he’s buffed even more, I can only get better.

Anyway, I just got tired of running the deathless and decided it was time.

Imo Deathless is the worst build for Moze because you end up in FFYL way too often.

You’re better off sticking to +2 into Thin Red Line and not using a Front Loader shield. This still gives you +40% shields but doesn’t put you into health gate territory.

Combined with Vampyr and Phalanx, you don’t die anyhow.

Bigger numbers aint always better.

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I’m playing a Bottomless Mags/Demo Woman build with Blast Master with a stop-gap shield. I die less than I did when I was playing Deathless build. My shield is pretty squishy but the 5 seconds of invulnerability combined with a high damage Epicenter grenade means I have time to get to safety and get my health to full.


Are you referring to IB or something else?

Yeah I miss healthgate so badly in this deathless build.

I’m using a Last Stand prefix artifact for that. If I find a Stop Gap later tonight I’ll see if they work together…because that would be broken lol.

Do you find the explosion build just a little hard to play visually? My teammate and I are pretty constantly pausing for a few seconds just to catch our breath with so many visual effects. Honestly, it’s one of the reasons I swapped away from it.

I’m not using IB… was just responding to not using Deathless build because I found it squishier. As for visibility, I play solo and usually use the Laser-sploder which isn’t too bad. And the Epicenter grenade doesn’t have extreme visuals thankfully.

The only time I’ve had issues is when I was using Flakker (which I’ve dumped in my bank now) and when I get multiple rocket enemies shooting at me non-stop. I play on an ultrawide monitor, so that may help a bit.

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Yeah, it gets crazy hard to see no matter what variant of the explosion build you use. Hex grenades kinda help with that though, they highlight what you need to shoot.

That’s interesting. Good tip. I have a shock one which I was using to strip shields. I didn’t even know it was one of those “broken” weapons till they nerfed it I guess. Either way, it still seems to be doing the trick.

It seems deathless was intended to be for Moze only. I can’t find any talents in any other character that would benefit from being such a glass cannon. Also, I don’t like playing like that so I’m totally respecing when I get home.

I find that using the enemy marking feature (I believe by default this is mapped to the x key or up on the d pad on controller) can help to keep track of your target when things get crazy. This also highlights enemies when they go behind cover. The only downside is you will have to reapply this every 10 seconds or so and people may get annoyed with it in online matches.

Fl4k also has good synergy with the Deathless relic because his master tree allows him to share 50% of this damage with pet at low health. Combine this with a decent class mod giving bonus point to hive mind and you can share 75% damage. Which make him pretty tanky without need health/health regen investment especially when using a transformer shield to negate the shock damage.

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Does this mean that your pet basically dies all the time (more than usual?)

But also that’s awesome. Hadn’t thought of that.

I have only played around with this a little bit but from my experience is this works best with a Gamma burst build since your pet can’t die in Gamma Burst and some of the perks in this tree make your pet very tanky. And if you run a Friendly Bot mod giving your pet a 2nd wind when you kill an enemy it isn’t a big problem when they go down.