Images of parts for shields

The old links I used no longer exist on the old forums. Is there another place to find them. I tried google but not with much success for pics to identify them…
Or would someone create a guide here maybe it could get pinned. I would, but not good with that type of stuff.
Maybe one for guns also… :smile:

Here you go:
It has some of the parts. I’ll keep looking.

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thank you for the quick reponse… I checked bl2 item/loot section but the guide I picked no longer existed… good find…
Links to the guns worked for me…but kinda forgot the shield images…

The Borderlands Wikia has all the parts sorted by manufacturer. It also lists the pros and cons of each part, but doesn’t say by how much.

Borderlands 2 + PreSequel parts are all the way at the bottom.

that will work too… !!
Was going to start for certain parts with the shield I was looking for . Then I realized I kinda forgot what I should be looking for …