Images of parts for shields

(GunZerkerbandit) #1

The old links I used no longer exist on the old forums. Is there another place to find them. I tried google but not with much success for pics to identify them…
Or would someone create a guide here maybe it could get pinned. I would, but not good with that type of stuff.
Maybe one for guns also… :smile:

(AKA Scruffy the Janitor) #2

Here you go:
It has some of the parts. I’ll keep looking.

(GunZerkerbandit) #3

thank you for the quick reponse… I checked bl2 item/loot section but the guide I picked no longer existed… good find…
Links to the guns worked for me…but kinda forgot the shield images…

(Meenoid) #4

The Borderlands Wikia has all the parts sorted by manufacturer. It also lists the pros and cons of each part, but doesn’t say by how much.

Borderlands 2 + PreSequel parts are all the way at the bottom.

(GunZerkerbandit) #5

that will work too… !!
Was going to start for certain parts with the shield I was looking for . Then I realized I kinda forgot what I should be looking for …