Immediate game impressions

Meant to write this 8 hours ago (but got immersed in the fun and then body said time to zzz-zz-z):
The EU PS4 midnight launch BB server experience was buuutter smoooth … :dukeaffirmative:

And the prologue was a blast!

(But … the gold “pedestal” was a bit underwhelming … lol)

  1. You have to watch the prologue intro all the way through every time unless you complete te mission. If you exit for any reason and come back in you jave to watch the whole thing again - no skipping.

  2. The Prologue is single player only, no co-op.

  3. I hate the “no saving progress” style of game play - you have to complete the whole mission without exiting. Even in story mode by yourself or in a private game.

  4. Your helix resets every mission.

I knew #3 and #4 existed in the open beta - but I figured they just weren’t letting people save or storing character progression because it was beta. But damn - now I’m disappointed I bought the game (ee bought two copies even). #3 and #4 are serious downers for me.

There was a number of forum posts both during CTT and BOB asking for a game tutorial. Correct me if I’m interpreting this wrong, but I think that’s the whole purpose of The Prologue, why you are intended to complete mission (learning the fundamentals), and, why it is single.

I e, I think of it as an unlocking, not of the chars, but of the game.

Well 1+2 were annoying too, since I play it together with my fiance.

But 3+4 are the main characteristics of Battleborns gameplay and style and I love it for that^^


#4 should have been discoverable early on in reading about this game… it’s like a core tenet

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Copy that, @Ganjamira

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It seems that private sessions are our main way to learn the game and try things out and personally I prefer that to a classic click this-go there-kill that-kind of tutorial.

I have a job and a family. I can’t always have an hour to play all the way through a mission every time. Really needs a save progress in story mode at least.

Resetting helix is stupid. There are already people asking for a load-out saved helix type functionality.

Its really supposed to be fun to have to answer the same exact stupid choices every time you play yhe game? Thats a core tennant? Here - stop in the middle of gameplay to make the exact same decision every damn time over and over again as long as you own this game.

Make it reconfigurable sure …

The prologue could easily be co-op. There is nothing it it which would not work. You can stumble around with friends too, no problem.

@Ganjamira replied to the contrary - and I, as you can see, agree.

Chacun à son goût.

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3 and 4 this was showcased since they announced ,even in the beta it was explained at length

Well I´ve to say that a mission with a functional random team is done in ca. 20-30minutes, its far less time than many other games take for a mainquest or storymission.

I just can say that it seems you dislike most of the main characteristics of BB, and so it may just not be your game. That happens, I dislike many games too, even if I was eager to play them.


I booted up the game this morning before coming to work and found the news page that’s trying to sell me the season pass (I bought digital deluxe) a bit obtrusive. I also noticed some form of tutorial mission started in the background, but when I pressed B to dismiss the news display thing, it seemed to exit me from the prologue/intro/tutorial thing.

Not the best first impression, but I’ll put that down to a false-start and try again after work tonight. I’m expecting maximum badassery!

After playin since 9pm aka 12 am launch east coast an havent stopped playing and im loving every minute of itthere was a slight hiccup in the initial launch but all seem well atleast for me so far

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I do beleive i was if you read it but w/e cry about my review of saying i love it on ps4 and that besides the initial launch start up almost every one had its ran smothly with no errors or disconnect but apparently thats not talking about the game lol

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It said you mesaged kn what i said weird but its all good

Thanks, GBX, for removing the yellow shard cluster beacons/icons vs the beta version :white_check_mark::dukeaffirmative:

Well the idea is that you’re not making the same choices every game, you should be adapting them to the situation and the team. For example, if you’re playing Orendi her first Helix is either a burn trail on Nullify or stealth reveal on her Shadowfire. If you’re playing a mission with stealth enemies it makes sense to take the anti-stealth upgrade, if not you should take the burn upgrade. At level 3 she can choose between Nullify jumping different directions or making her shield recharge depending on if you want to play for escapes or durability. This has always been a key, advertised feature of the game, it keeps each mission and team composition fresh (Galilea or ISIC with a team of squishy attackers probably wants to build more defensive abilities than if they were playing alone or with other tanks). You can also use it to just change up your game for fun, as a lot of the Helix upgrades can emphasize different playstyles with the character.

I recommend playing it again with that in mind. Think about the mission and team at hand and how your Helix upgrades best match them rather than playing it like an RPG and looking for the obvious “best” ability. You’d be surprised how much replayability it adds. :smiley:

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