Immediate game impressions

This is how every other game in the genre handles it, so you can be flexible based on the situation.

It takes like 3 seconds to do it. Its really not an issue.

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For you.

Many other people feel different.

You see, when you are trying to make money on a product - some times you may want to tfy and please both sets of people, so that they enjoy the product and recommend it to others.

You can, of course, be stubborn and not adjust your features.

But in a world where there are literally hundreds of other games I can spend my money on and enjoy - every negative you stubbornly defend just loses sales.

There is zero harm in having an option to save or quick select helix choices.

All of you who want to adjust it every level can - and those of us who don’t want to could have a preset version.

As it is, this and the level of difficulty are about to get our games returned to gamestop - and we’ll just find a game that isnt so much of a pain.

I have other hobbies too, i don’t have any desire to be forced into becoming a master gamer just to enjoy a game witg my wife and kids.

The thing is - my opinion is no kess valid than anyone elses, or more valid than anyone else - but Gearbox needs money from people like me too if they want to keep on funding new game development…

Reminver their slogan: “for every kind of bad ass”.
Clearly, many people here only want the game to be playable for people like themselves.

The problem is that we have to replay each mission over and over because it’s so damn hard (see a different thread).

So thats where your logic breaks down. Sure on different missions you may want to change up - but the 14th time in a row I’m attempting the algorythm I dont want to have to read every choice.

So the option to save or have a quick setting or something would be nice for us.

No one would be forced to use it. Everyon could change helix settings to their hearts content…

In PvE, it would be viable, but in PvP it would offer an unfair advantage. As a whole, it would be a nice option for campaign as there are times when you don’t get a chance to pick skills for a couple levels

There’s no need for any of that. The dude is entitled to his opinion just like anyone else

I overreacted a bit, but I stand by the basic point: this guy is being WAY too picky about a tiny feature that really has almost no impact on the overall game experience.

I’m sick of people whining about the tiniest things, and missing the forest for the trees.

The minute you start paying for my games is when you have a right to decide whether I am baingbtoo picky or to dictate what has impact to my enjoyment of the game.

Until then I reserve the right to have my own opinions about games that I bought for my family.

Clearly if I (and others) have taken the time to discuss it on a forum - it impacts our enjoyment of the game.

I got soooooooooooo tired of typing this.

Yes, and until you pay for my games I’ll keep on defending this game from silly complaints about minute details that really make little difference to the overall experience.

Its not a big deal. Get over it…

The other day, I was taking a bit longer than usual pondering the gear and what to use in loadout, when suddenly an animated butterly batted it’s wings and made it’s way across the sceen.

Tiniest detaill, and first and only time that’s happened, so far.

I loved it :dukehappy:

Thats just it though, you dont get to decide what difference it makes to other people’s experience.

Why are you “defending” it?

Did you design it? Was it your idea? Does your brother code for gearbox? Do you get a kick-back when people use the helix?

By your own admission you are fine with it - so the type of change we are discussing here would make zero changes for you. None. So why are you fighting us so passionately?

If anything people should want gearbox to make the game more accessible and enjoyable. The more people play in the battleborn ecosystem - the better it is for everyone. Otherwise the servers dry up and no one has anyone to match against.

Read through the comment threads. This game is having problems with the casual gaming crowd. For casual gamers, for every one person who bothers to find this forum and sign up and post a complaint - there are 10,000 players who will just move on and not play the game at all. Thats a lot of money gearbox is leaving on the table.

There really is no reason to “defend” gearbox or the game.

The type of change I am talking about is tiny but would make the experience more enjoyable for many.

If someone has already played the mission: remember the choices from the previous play and give the player the option to quick select the orevious choice. Maybe using “up+A” or similar. That way if you want to change use the trigger but if not just use A and no need to read the options again…

I used to reconfugure my skills tree in Borderlands2 a lot - just not every single level every single time…

This game is designed for PvP at its base, and the whole PvE system is really there just as a training ground for players to learn their characters and become familiar with game concepts before plunging into PvP. The whole “choose your skill when you level” concept comes directly from games like League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, Smite, etc in order to allow players to adapt to in game circumstances that might require a different character configuration. That is why it is done this way. Training players in PvE to not be ready to make these choices in PvP would further make them unprepared for that portion of the game.

Again, its not a big deal. It takes all of 3 seconds once you know how you like to build them. It also helps you remember how your build works…