Immortal enemies

It happens again and again that immortal enemies appear in the Maliwan takedown and you can not get any further because of it. Please, please fix this bug, it’s really annoying.

If you have a Quasar or some other singularity grenade you can try to pull them off the map. But yeah, they really should fix that one.

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Oh wow, I hadn’t seen this for so long that I thought it was fixed.

Well, as usual, the patch was probably on an older base build which has a tendency to re-introduce old bugs.
QA and all that :frowning:

Would be a great thing to add as melee :joy: punch stuff of the map (why do enemies get to do that and we don’t?)

Yeah that’d be kinda nice. Zer0 had a skill that let him do that in Bl2, actually.

What effects give knockback in this game? Safe Space shield modifier? Force grenade modifier? I can’t think of any skill-based knockback off the cuff here. I don’t even thing this incarnation of Sledge’s Shotgun has it. :thinking:

Jakobs shotguns in general tend to have some knockback, actually. There’s also the Yeeti revolver from DLC 2, but I don’t know if it can shove an enemy off the map like that.

Any high pellet weapon has knockback. Ive knocked enemies clear across a map using a x18 stage coach. The Mindkiller has good knock back as well. Recursion used too, not to sure after the nerf

The Chocolate Thunder grenade (quest reward) has great knockback if I am not mistaken.

The Redundant purple Hyperion shotties(Outsourcer?) have the some fun knock back effects.

reads suggestions

Jeez ppl gotta have a loadout for knocking off invicible enemies from the map

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This is a new one for me. I didn’t know that enemies could become invincible, except when they change allegiances. This bug sure is highly annoying, so I think it should have a high-ish priority.

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Seen it happen a few times, I’ve always seen it happening when a Maliwan soldier’s backpack explodes and takes off all their health, but they forget to die. :slight_smile: The last time that happened to me it was on the bridge in the Takedown, and I ended up yeeting him off the bridge with a Quasar.

Same kinda thing happened with Tyrone in the Cartel event, you could kill him so fast he would glitch and not die.

I think something simular can happen with Katagawa Jr. where if you take a lot of health off him in a short time but not quite enough, he gets stuck in some kind of weird loop where he keeps on teleporting without really doing much and hardly takes any damage from guns. You usually have to get him with one of the generators to finish him off when it happens.

Especially annoying in places where you can’t get ahead before you’ve killed all your opponents. You fight like a madman on mayhem 10 alone through the malivan takedown, and because of an immortal opponent you can start all over again. Btw. singularity grenades does not help with me.

I’ve never tried it but isn’t there a relic with slam knockback? That seems like a reliable source of knockback.

If it’s the teleporting Maliwan commandos I often find they get stuck on 0 health and then die after they dash again.

Also had 4 invulnerable deaths (post mortem) since the patch. Nothing to do but run around until they despawn - fun.

That’s one of the ways to beat some invincible raid bosses in BL2. :slight_smile: You singularity him until he’s under a crushing gate, or in another case, a downward elevator.

Yeh, good old Master Gee. Alternatively you can also just push him into his own acid pools once or twice, then go hide behind a rock and crouch. Then you can go and make yourself a coffee or something like that and 20 minutes later he dies from his dot

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