Immortal Fl4k - Sorta

I’m gonna start by saying this isn’t on the same level as immortal moze but for fl4k this combo makes for some crazy good survivability.
Basically just use an amp ASS super soldier and invest into fuzzy math and as long as you get hits you’re able to retrigger the invincibility, I also like using GITM fade away and megavore for all the crits. The ASS just helps trigger the shield more but you might be able to get away with ASE’s or something

The one FL4K I have with points far enough into the purple tree for Fuzzy Math uses Gravity Snare, so no GITM for them. They do their best for crits aiming the old fashioned way, but will fire up a Stauros’ Burn sometimes… when the dice come up right on break, we’re invincible and lethal for a few beautiful seconds.

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