Immortal Kelvin [bug/exploit]

Immortal Kelvin in Incursion on Overgrowth.

When being attacked by a friend of mine playing as Ambra, myself as Oscar Mike, another friend as Galilea, and the other members of our team playing as Rath and Thorne. Ambra was dealing about 180 damage per hit, and Kelvin was also being attacked by the majority of the team.

This had no effect on his health. The damage numbers appeared above his head, but there was no dip in the amount of health he had.

As Kelvin was only level 4 at the time, he only had access to 7 health regeneration per second.
Even if he did have the extra 7 health per second, it still wouldn’t account for the massive amounts of damage he was taking apparently having no effect.

Is it possible for checks to be done with Kelvin’s character to see if there is a problem with the health values?

Do you require the video saved from the match?

Match info: Ended 4:57:07pm 4/9/16
Incursion on Overgrowth


EDIT: It’s been brought to my attention that others have witnessed this and its more likely to be a bug or an exploit rather than a cheater. Sorry for the misinformation.

Kelvin does have an ability to permanently increase his health, Chomp, so if he had killed a whole ton of minions with chomp he could have had an insane amount of health stacks.

Ya but not enough to ignore an entire team wailing on him

Could network lag be a possible cause for the player’s health not going down as much as it should?

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Someone else has reported the same thing from another Kelvin player here :

Video included.
As we can see at 0:59 clearly, player was litterbunny and the Kelvin was level 3.
Looks like something in Kelvin’s abilities is affected by a bug, rather than cheating.

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Thanks for bringing this other post to my attention!

Moved to the beta bug report section. Thanks for the info!

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Just had the same thing happen to me. Was it on PS4 .

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I’ve just had to come out of a game because I was scoring hits on a player for a good minute and hitting him with powers as well and not one bit of his health went down I’ve put a video up on twitter here’s the link, anybody else come across this playing on PS4. Thanks

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I’ve actually just run into this myself. The Kelvin player was not able to be killed. I’m on PS4 and the players name was Kuroblizz if that helps.

Match ID. 20160410-as97f713-f5f4-4a32-a2a6-aa1326c10d29

Happens after I die and respawn at 5:40

Match ID 20160409-56accb9d-9381-4d50-9152-1d9bfa2c8cf8


I just played a match against a Kelvin with the glitch had all 5 team mates hit him and did no dmg. Shields on him would break but health never dropped.

I actually have a video of it and the guy sent me a screenshots of his loadout.

Just want to add that I’ve come across this issues as well. I’ve played 3 online matches now as Kelvin and each time I became Invincible upon reaching level 4. I also tried a few private games against bots just to test it and they all ended with the same result. Invincible Kelvin.

If it helps I had the following gear items equipped (though not always active when the invincibility kicked in):

High Tailing Grey Hound(Purple) - -6.5% cooldown +9.10% sprint speed
Unsafe Wily “Rusty Nail”(green) - +18.31% shield penetration, -6.10% CC Duration, -6.10% health regen per second
Agile “stinger” (green) - +9.24% attack damage, +3.96 movement speed.

And the mutations I picked were Coldclock, Strong Wind, Icemaker and Mastication Restoration, 3 from the right one from the left.

Edit: Playing on PS4

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Could it be legendary gear
Some gear does special stuff like my Alamo 7 armor makes it for 5 seconds when I’m under 10% hp every 60 seconds I become invincible

I just observed this bug as well. Enemy Kelvin was able to just walk in and destroy our base in Incursion. We were unable to stop him.

This is a result of bugged equipment, which has now been removed for repair.