Immortal medic in Slaughterhouse 3000 (Same as old Finks Slaughter House Immortality problem)

Happily trying and failing to complete Slaughterhouse 3000 got to the last kill of the round and volia, immortal medic…Cruel Joke or Glitch? Either way kapooya kapooya dem jokers was big here’s a video:


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This issue is still occurring. One of several I ran into in the Slaughterhouse.

I stay away from Slaughter planet 3000 for another reason, the only time I ever ran it, I had two whole rounds held up back to back due to those jetpack mobs who emerge from the 2nd story areas, and they got stuck behind/on crates or something up there frozen in place

It took a lot of grenades and splash damage weapons to cleverly kill them eventually