"immune" to everything mobs

Has it been confirmed that some mobs are bugged or something? I run into some of these mobs that seem to be immune to everything. Usually it’s the anointed mobs but not only those. Some of the flying Rakk mobs in Cistern of Slaughter also do this. I switch to every time of elemental damage but it says “immune” to all of them.

Even when I switch to a gun with no elemental damage it still says immune. How are mobs immune to bullets?? I have noticed that certain elements or maybe guns will randomly still do damage (but not a lot) even as I see the immune messages. WTF is this behavior? I don’t get it.

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Haven’t done cistern in a while but the Prismatic Rakks become immune to the element you use against it. It will hover, do a nova explosion, you will see its particle effects color change, then it becomes immune to your element, it’s breath attack also changes. I’ve never seen it be immune to normal damage, but Moze does incendiary to everything so it will show “IMMUNE” to the incendiary bonus, but not actually be immune to my normal bullets.

The annointed are immune to cryo. The annointed militant has an invulnerability phase, which sometimes goes out of sync, for me, where he would be slowly walking, holding up his arm as if a shield should be there, but there isn’t, and he’s immune to everything as if in his invulnerable state.

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Well the Rakks don’t seem to change for me. I see one with electricity surrounding it and it stays that way the whole time. I would expect it to be immune to shock damage but I get immune messages to everything including guns with no elemental effect at all. Same with green glowing corrosive Rakks. Some guns still do some damage but they seem to take an unnatural amount of ammo to kill and it’s running me out of ammo considering these are not badass mobs so should be dying quicker.

yeah the chubby rakks, forgot what they’re called. They lay eggs. They’re just tanky af, and immune to rad? I can’t even remember.

The Voltaic (shock) ones, i remember are pretty squishy. I just shoot those with my normal fire weapons. also the acid ones. I guess I’ll try cistern again to see if anything’s changed.

Do You play as Amara and have points in orange tree?

Yes. Capstone in orange tree. Why?

Because in orange tree You can deal EVERY elemental damage, even with non elemental gun. :upside_down_face:
That’s why You see Immue but still deal damage.

OK that does explain the immune messages while dealing damage but it doesn’t explain why most elements aren’t doing damage and why the damage is so small. I always assume that a mob that has a shock aura around it is immune to shock damage and a mob with corrosive aura is immune to corrosive etc… That is my typical experience.

Is there some other thing at play in these arenas that make mobs immune to more than 1 type of damage (aside from mayhem modifiers)? Also, at one point a gun with no element damage of it’s own was not only showing immune but seemed to do no damage. That’s what made me think this was a bug of some kind.

I have ran into this type of issue for a few days now. Where there is a mob that just can not die. I even did a video showing that the mob just can not die. For me it happened in the circle of slaughter. I died on one of the rounds and then started back but 1 mob stayed alive. It was immune to any and all dmg. I had to die a second time to reset it. So I believe this is a bug that came into the game on the last patch.

Recently came back for a while and have seen it on all characters across different loudouts, elemental combos etc.
Feels like an enemy with a specific immunity somehow loops it resulting in them becoming invulnerable even to kinetic/impact damage without an elemental or splash component.

From what I can remember they’d all been hit by some form of splash in the first damage instance but even if splash is frequently the culprit in any number of bugs that could just be coincidence.

I wonder how the Troubleshooter would react to these immunity mobs. :thinking: