Immunity phases why most people hate them

I think most of us are on board when I say BL3 may have overused Immunity thought the game. There are some bosses like Troy or Tyreen where I would expect them to have the odd dodge the attack phase, or hit the things to damage the boss mechanic. I think giving some enemies like Anointed militants immunity attacks was a flat mistake.
Back to Boss designe some bosses like Aurelia miss use the immunity in the sence that she uses it far to often for how frail of a boss she is. In addition the animation is slow causing a break in the fight pace. Wotan also gets immunity but for a far more sensible reason. He is transitioning phases and they want player to see that something is changing and they need to prepare. In Aurelias case this is unnecessary you just keep shooting her and your good. Now I understand a raid boss or a substantial fight having a couple phase breaks but doing it 3 or more times on menial bosses is tiresome and down right annoying.

My next example is The Rampager. A climactic boss but wow he has long immunity phases with no way to short cut them. Just dodge this thing for x amount of time then get back to the fight. It’s annoying to farm.
In other cases we have good use of immunity. Troy and Tyreen both have Immunity periods based on a mechanic which when preformed interrupts an attack or make them vulnerable. This is the ideal way to handle them. Have a way to stop the Immunity as both are fairly quick and to the point. On the other hand both these bosses have several other attacks that make them immune and ask you to jump though hoops for a minute while the boss drags there feet around.

I understand using immunity to show the player that something it happening but it breaks up the pace of what can be an otherwise energetic fight (wink wink nudge nudge mouthpiece)

Over all it makes some of the encounters feel disjointed. This is part of the reason most people farm Graveward over others. No Immunity. Now I’m not saying make every fight like Graveward because he has the opposite problem. What I hope to see is more clever use of Immunity which is based around mechanics rather then “we show you something now” in the middle of the boss fight.


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Well said and nicely structured feedback. I have really nothing I could except to say that I agree. I would like to just quote the following for the elegant truth.

Short answer : it slows the farm down.

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I actually didn’t mind the immunity phases while playing through the campaign. Imo, they made boss fights more engaging, because I didn’t know what was going on, so I’d pay more attention. Fast forward to endgame, I still think they are fine. What isn’t okay is the idea that the rewards for fighting a boss with immune phases should be the same as fighting one without any. Clearly, the TTK’s are not the same. I’ve had M4 Rampager runs where not a single legendary drops. Meanwhile, the same thing happens while farming GW or Agonizer, I’m not bothered by it, because the TTK is much shorter and I can rinse and repeat. So, immunity phases wouldn’t be problematic if the rewards are justified.

The only problem I have with immunity phases, is that it’s part of the Anointed Militant’s playstyle 95% of the time.

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On the other hand I’ve played games where bosses go through transition phases or special attacks without immunity that allows players to completely cheese them due to the free attacks that can be done while the boss is locked in a scripted animation. Sometimes to the point where they force it to transition into another scripted animation immediately due to damage threshold.

Nope I know someone had an Anointed Militants threat that was talking about Immunity on those enemies. After a quick search there is an older thread that is mostly just bashing the mechanic and asking for it to be removed XD.

I do agree this can be a problem when you want bosses to have and array of mechanics or phases. Using Immunity to move from phase to phase is fine if done right. Having a long winded dodge the attack phase isn’t fantastic boss design for an FPS or RPG. That kind of stuff belongs in puzzle platformers like Sonic the Hedghog and Super Mario where avoiding obsticals is a main part of gameplay and the games tool are designed around them. Yes BL3 has more mobility then previous game but it is not a Platformer.

When having a transition in boss fights it needs to be to quick and to the point or be something that engages you like I stated above. Having attack that simply grant immunity because the attack or ability will not work may mean it’s not a great ability for the boss to have.

In my personal opinion I think Aurelia was good in concept and poor in exictution. Her shield regen ability is so pointless if she is going to freeze herself to get shields back don’t make us keep shooting her. Spawn a nanotech generator that is freezing her and have is destroy it while fending of enemies. Then have her use this ability as a phase transition from her previous set of attack to a more aggressive set. You can now shorten the fight bu having enough damage to kill the generator fast and understand the mechanics. On top of that she is a more engaging boss fight rather then an Immunity spamming boss that lacks much depth beyond shoot me avoid tornado.

The biggest issue to me is how much of your time they waste. It’s fine the first time, but the designers need to remember that these are things we are going to fight multiple times if they have good loot. Farming Tyreen or Rampager for example, you spend more time waiting for their animation/immunity phases to pass than you do fighting.

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Is it my imagination or does tossing a Hex or Quasar grenade at an immune anointed tend to break and reduce their immunity time? That is my first response with all front shielded characters, tossing them around a bit moves the position of their shield, along with inflicting damage from all angles. Usually I am spending so much time trying to take down anything anointed, I do not notice the time of actual immunity.

The only Immunity Break I know of is on Capitan Haunt. You could destroy a Shield Phalactery before it connected and if you did it withing 2 feams of it spawning no more would spawn and he wouldn’t go immun. If you hit it between 3 and 5 grams after it spawned he gose immune and no. More Phalacterys spawn making him invincible.

That is another thing that seems to not been though through with this game. Farming preferences and quality of life to farming. This game took a number of steps back from BL2. More world drops are fine but don’t have almost 100 legendaries free drop. Now that we do have dedicated loot sorces we are still farming Graveward because loot pools are extremely polluted, and Graveward is the easiest big boss kill in the game because… can you guess NO immunity LOL!!! But ya 100% agree.

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You might be talking about mine.

It started off as sort of bashing but the thread evolved into constructive discussion on how to improve them.


i think the source of the hate is farm . bosses are great in bl3 , it felt like a actual boss for first playthru . gigantic

There is a huge difference between boss fight immunity phases and repeated immunity “skills” that annointed enemies can use without any cool down. Or if there is a cool down, they have more than one immunity phase and can go back and froth between them with very little vulnerable time in between immunity phases. I don’t have a problem with immunity phases in, for instance, when fight the Ravager…

Immunity is irritating, yes, since it basically stops me from shooting for a bit which ain’t the point of BL :slight_smile:
Now, I do think they created the right immunity in the Haunt area. His immunity shield (and the ones in front of the building) are based on something, shield generators that you could kill to remove the immunity/shield.

Give us more of that. Enemy can go immune, but there is something the player can do to remove it.


Immunity phases, bullet reflection, teleporting enemies/bosses. This game has all the best things that every BL player loves :roll_eyes:


Immunity phases are a lot like other hated parts of this game… they stop the game. Borderlands has this running ultimate fail for the last couple entries in the series of mind numbing, constant stopages in the game. I’m talking about things like unskippable movies, not being able to continue to the next waypoint until you listen to a long diaglog… etc. There are plenty of complaints about these things all over these forums, but my point here is that immunity phases in mobs or bosses is a very similar thing… you are playing, shooting… then the game stops… you wait to be able to continue the fight you are in.

There are other complaints that can be made about immunity phases, but I wanted to point this out as well.