IMO the first Run is too long

As all BL games, I think the first run is too long.
I spend around 60h on the game and i suspect the end is near.

I enjoy the story and the sub quests, but there is one problem with this. I try to do all subquests and explorations, and then I’m L45 in the last part of the game and the zone’s level is around 38-39. So the loot is trash, the xp too and the enemies too easy.

I think you should have removed a lot of sub story to put them in the second run, and keep the first run around 40h with good level curve.

I think my xp problem is because I played with a friend, earlier in the story than me.
Your auto level adjust is just brilliant, the game scale really good and I don’t feel overpowered when I play with him (at the beginning at least) but as I get loot at my level, I get “overpowered” for my personal story, and my friend start to get higher level than the zones.

Maybe an auto leveling for zones should have been more interesting. Or removing the side quests. Maybe unlocking them near the end.

By the way, the game is great, more interesting than previous one I thing. And GG for the voice acting, it adds a lot.


If it’s taken you 60 hours to finish one playthrough, you’re doing it wrong.


Not if they’re doing all the side quests too and map clearing.


Believe it or not

People like to take their time and enjoy the game for what it is.

Not rush through the game in 2 days and then be bored of farming a few days later.


If it’s taken you 60 hours to finish one playthrough, you’re doing it wrong.

There’s no right or wrong way to play a PvE video game, especially a looter type game.


And there I thought having alot of content is good for a game these days :woozy_face:


Smol tip:

You can also do the sidequests AFTER your first palythrough. This way the sidequests will ALWAYS be your current level. If you level up, the quests will “level up” aswell!


Of course I can skip all sub quests, but i feel like missing something.
Keeping some for the second run could be great for the more dedicated players, there is new content in the second run.
And why not doing quest if they put them in the game ?

40h in a game is a lot of time for a lot of players, and it could be enough. Adding a little more content in the second run instead of silly mob bashing can give something more for players liking the story.

And it remove the “too much xp” problem (pb is there since the first BL if doing all content on the go)

After that, it’s just my opinion, and some of my friends, I need to motivate them to continue even if the second run is “really long to reach”.

The level scaling for mobs and quests should exist from level 1-50 and not only after beating the game and activating Mayhem.

It would also fix that other scaling problem they have where the end of the quest line on one planet ends in the low to mid 30’s and heading back to Pandora for the next questline jumps back to the late 20’s for some reason.

no, I’m 45 hours in and not done yet. The thing is I wont be complaining on the forums that there is nothing to do in game.


me neither, but I wish I had time to play in new game+ … but 50-60h is still a long time locked on a game :wink:

I have more I want to say about this later, but for now I will just ask…how do you check your time played?

Thanks in advance.

In game in ps4 i think the count started in the date you created it.

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noone is saying skip all side quests. if you dont do side quests, you wont be on level. the game is actually around 20 hours. you seem like you are doing a completionist run on normal mode, as Ive run through the game on both normal and true vault hunter mode, and im tring to complete the game, and I have around 72~ hours.

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It’s on your character in main menu I believe. It says in days and hrs

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Lol the only thing wrong about the co op game my wife and I are playing is the excessive menu lag. Sitting at about 52 hours right now and just headed into the old Dahl mine. I blame at least 5 hours of our play through on struggling to get the menus caught up with what we’re trying to accomplish - my solo campaigns feel like half that time investment.

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Thank you kindly!


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personally im loving the long playthough. Usually what i’ve been doing is doing single player as amara for the story, then when i get 10 levels ahead of my chars I stop and play Gunner/Operattive with my friends until same part of the story. I keep beastmaster for splitscreen with my brother when he comes to visit.

It keeps my bank clutter low and been keeping the game pretty fresh while fully exploring the game on siren and then having some fun on multiplayer.

I’ve still got quite a bit more story left to go too but the pace i set is great. Not burning me out just playing a single character from start to finish

I usually do the same thing and try to complete as much as I can first playthrough. I made a deliberate attempt this time to only do enough side quests to keep me on level with main quest so that on later playthrough the side quests would drop higher level gear that wouldn’t be worthless in a few levels.

That being said I failed miserably and ended up doing most of the side quests anyway. I JUST COULDN’T HELP MYSELF. FML.