Impaler and splash damage?

Do you guys know if this thing’s damage gets boosted by grenade buffs? I have no idea how to even begin testing it. An advanced senior member once told me it still wouldnt be worth using, but i’m curious.

Advanced senior members aren’t always right. They’re just as full of crap as the rest of us. It’s also a matter of taste and playstyle.

The Impaler isn’t considered to be a top tier shield, but it’s not a bad shield. I’d say that it can be pretty useful from time to time. It’s projectiles will proc Maya’s Life Tap skill (not sure about Cloud Kill), and can also be used by the other classes for healing with Moxxi guns. I imagine that some of the other classes can find other exploits for it.

But if you really wanna find out… Try it out for yourself, and see how you like it!


Lol. Were all full of crap at one point or another.

But to the op just check the grenade damage resource thread and if its listed it gets boosted


This should be a slogan. LOL

Edit: Correction, It should be MY slogan. :blush: