Implement: elite enemies

My idea is to implement elite version of regular enemies in the campaign mode and make their presence randomly so that no play session is the same, also their drop rate should be significantly higher and be more likely to generate rare loot (gear).

To encounter a elite minion should be highly challenging but highly rewarding, this I believe would add a element of surprise to the campaign mode, making re-runs a little more interesting.

Also these encounters should be somewhat rare - maybe one encounter each third play session.

Feel free to contribute with your own thoughts and ideas below =)


Sounds cool. Adds to the challenge & reward. Maybe don’t add them in the lowest difficulty setting(s).This way these elite’s can be more challenging and my wife won’t start throwing the controller.


It might be easier to apply an even harder mode of the game. Like TF2’s Mann Up mode where things get harder by giving the enemies an unfair advantage. Better aim, higher damage, larger spawn rate.

End result is greater reward but requires greater coordination to win. And that should be something a co-op based campaign should encourage. Coordination. It makes players work with each other instead of speed running to the finish.

I couldn’t agree more, I love the idea of playing through an area and coming across a random enemy that is of an elite form. The talk of them being extremely powerful is an interest, but why not develop that further? I really like the idea of increasing accuracy, damage output and health of these enemies.

But here is my input, why not make these elite enemies a counter to certain characters. So, here is the explanation; an elite could spawn which is a master in countering spell casters, therefore Orendi, for example becomes obsolete. This would force the players to take out this enemy to re-active the power of Orendi.

Here is the best example I could think of (Dishonored)

So, these guys negate the effect of Corvo’s abilities, this heavily lowers the effectiveness of Corvo. Albeit, this was in a single player game, but why couldn’t this be in a CO-OP game? This would force players to heavily focus on enemies with this elite level to get their CO-OP player back to full potential.

Obviously, these enemies need to pose a real challenge, they need to make the team want to take them out to get their partner back up to strength. Just an idea, of course, but I really am interested in the idea of these elite enemies.


While I like encountering random badasses during gameplay to keep me on my toes, I’m not sure I’d agree with the idea of arbitrarily rendering one team member helpless.

This sounds not unlike a “one shot kill” out of the blue that nobody ever enjoys.

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I really like the idea and I´m pretty sure they´ll imply such a kind of elite - in BL2 they already gave us chubby and tubby versions, so I have high hopes they do that again.

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The idea is to force teamwork, you need all your team to their maximum potential to carry on a fight. This is not going to be a “one shot kill” style of the enemy, all it would do is nullify the potential of the player, this would force the team to focus heavily on this enemy. There was no indication of this being an enemy that would put that player inside of the revive screen, as I said, simply nullify.

The example I gave would explain all, the way that the Overseer’s use the music box in Dishonored is to simply stop Corvo’s abilities, the effect does not kill him, nor does it damage him in any way, it simply stops him from being effective in combat. Does this mean he becomes completely useless? Absolutely not, he can still move, attack and if need be, escape. That is how I wish the elite enemies to work, the player just becomes less useful to the team, but they are still needed to force the players to stop the elite.

We’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one.

I’m very sorry, but “kite for your life” dealt to a single team member out of the blue doesn’t appeal to me.

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A problem with this is a situation where all 5 were playing as the same Battleborn. If they all get disabled by this enemy, it is impossible to get around. I do like the concept though.

That’s not a problem, it is a hard idea to like, I know. Albeit, maybe it could be adapted, either way I appreciate the input you gave.

I highly doubt a full team of 5 will be playing the same character, I don’t think that is not even a feature in this game. There are 25 characters, I feel like you will have to select different characters. There is definitely enough to choose from.

I briefly remember someone saying that playing the same character is a feature that can be toggled on and off. I can’t remember who said it or even when and where they said it (I have watched too many Battleborn videos :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Either way, if it is a possibility or not, I highly doubt that all 5 players would select the same character, there’s 25 characters to play as, you can’t all love Miko. Unstoppable healing 5x Miko team, that would be ridiculous.

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You mean like…badasses? As in Borderlands 2? As in the other famous Gearbox IP? Yes, what a thrilling original concept.


Obviously, concepts will be shared between the games, I guess we have to hope that the shared features are altered in Battleborn. The idea of elite enemies would work, so long as they aren’t the standard; more health, better aim enemies.

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Sounds great =) I was into the first Borderlands but never got to play the second.

Not many ideas are original to be honest. Take your name for example - I have never seen anyone do that with an 8 before or have I?.. :wink:


Only problem in my opinion is that farming PVE for legendaries is already very frustrating with how low the drop rates are even on advanced hardcore. To get far into a mission, especially a one-boss mission just to die from a random elite you weren’t expecting would be rage-inducing.