Implementing fuel in existing ships


I have a fuel script that I’m trying to implement in the existing ships of Homeworld Remastered, this script needs a hardpoint for a subsystem for it to work, I can’t edit the existing hods so I’m using the Kadeshi fuel subsystem as the shared hod, so I attempted to attach it to the vanilla strikecraft but since they don’t have a hardpoint as a workaround I attempted to share the same joint position as their weapons, but then the shots fired collide with the subsystem making them unable to fire.

Does anyone has any idea to solve this issue?

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Without access to the source files to tell me if I’m wrong or not couldn’t you just make another HOD with no collision mesh with the same name as the fuel system and use that? Your HOD will overwrite the default one and if it’s not visible anyway then it shouldn’t matter :slight_smile:


Our use the “direction” joint of the weapon, which should be out of the way.

I don’t think it will accept the direction, since I even tried to use “Root” and it sent the message “Root_position is not found” crashing the game, so it will add the “_position” to any joint name you give to it.

I will try Nathanius approach, maybe I will be able to create a simple hod with CFHod3 and RODOH/HODOR convert it to get it in game, sounds very far fetched, but seems like my only option right now.

Have you tried adding a new hardpoint using the lua ship patching system and attaching the fuel pod to that?

Never heard of it, can you explain more, or send a link please.

For the moment Nathanius idea worked, but I’m still interested in that “lua ship patching system” maybe it could be useful later.


Note that the “shots fired colliding with a subsystem” can also be used as a way to detect specific weapon fire and implement a form of ammunition management.


Hmmm - how would you go about doing that?

Set up a subsystem and a weapon on another joint, with the weapon having the same rate of fire, range, angles, etc., as the weapon you want to control. It should fire at the same time as said weapon and damage the subsystem in a relatively controlled way. You can standardize the system by having the subsystem neutralized by a single shot and a second subsystem with X hit points. Then it’s a matter of scripts, to detect when the test subsystem is at 0 hit point and either deactivate directly the weapon you want or substract one HP to the second subsystem until that one gets to zero and deactivates the weapon.

It’s not elegant and it has some issues ensuring the actual weapon and the check one fire at the same time, for example, but it works as a decent base for further development.