IMPORTANT: Get a YouTube video trending with the update

This needs to happen!

Gearbox hasn’t been in the spotlight.

The pre-sales video for BB is awesome.
That Pretty Lady video with Maya and Krieg, awesome.

Still nothing trending.

Make it happen this time. :acmaffirmative:


^THIS. :grin:

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Only if it will deserve it. If there wont be at least a fix for frame drops on Echelon, then there is no point.

Anything of it was being uploaded to “Battleborn” or “2K” channel?

…Haven’t seen that one?

How anyone here would even know of their existence then? I, for instance, don’t know what particular video/s you mention in OP?

There’s frame drop on Echelon? Is this coming from pc and/or outside of the US? I have never noticed it on the US Xbox 1 console.

PC and EU, there are known frame drops on some maps since launch. It gets like from 100 to 10 no matter what settings you are playing at, even if you turn off everything that is possible in ini.